GoPro UFO Ring Light

GoPro-UFO UFO-Ring-Light-GoPro

Dave writes in and shares his DIY ring light mount for a GoPro HD Camera. Using the inexpensive UFO Camping light and an added handle it looks like it could be pretty effective. Pretty slick Dave, pretty slick. Gives me some ideas on taking something like this into the Las Vegas night clubs..LOL. [Thanks Dave]

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14 thoughts on “GoPro UFO Ring Light

  1. Alex

    This set up looks awesome !
    How can I made one of those ?
    Is there any tutorial ? Or can I buy one of these for my GoPro somewhere ?

    IF you have any recommandations to add a Light for my GoPro, I'll be glad too !

    Thanks to all !

  2. Jared Foster

    I bought these cheap lights from ebay from China seller kailaizdz and within 2 minutes my lights sparked and each LED slowly burned out smoking up the bathroom with this horrible plastic smell. These are a hazard and warning to others about cheap china ring lights. I only spent $8 for 2 lights so no loss but I wanted to place a warning to others especially for safety. I can't imagine this being in a tent and likely causing it to burn!

  3. Serge

    Would like to see some footage, The lights closer to the ultra wide lens could a a glare and glare problem.

    I got my two camper lights and I love them. I can't wait to use them. I'm shooting a lot of spec commercials and these aren't right at all but would be GREAT for music videos.

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