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iLogos LCD DSLR Monitor

Branded as iLogos, it's another LCD Monitor showing up online which includes a few popular features such as Peaking, False Color, etc. 7" Screen, 1024x600 resolution (pretty good), with HDMI, Component & Composite inputs. False Color - Adjustable Under Luminance & Over, Luminance Warning, Clip Guide - Adjustable Threshold, Peaking – Red outline, Under Scan, Movable Pixel to Pixel Color, Side-By-Side Freeze Frame, Image Mirror/Flip, DSLR Scaling, 1/4"-20 mounts on all sides. Sounds good on paper so far, has anyone had experience with such LCD?

Available on eBay from same seller who offers the small 5" LCD (click here)

iLogos LCD HDMI MonitoriLogos Monitor LCD
find-price-button 7" LCD HDMI Monitor with Peaking Focus Assist False Color

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B&H published a few articles in their Learning Library around popular gear in 2011. Check out a few of their articles that get in-depth with Fast Glass, Voice-Over equipment, Shotgun Microphones, On camera monitors, and Portable Audio Recorders. These articles are great reading materials for a more in depth look at at tips, tricks, and technical information.



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Look what the cat dragged in. Anyone else get theirs yet? I'm a bit tied up today, but i'll try to get something together before the weekend. I'm interested to see if anything has been changed in the hardware or software since the prototype. If your new and a bit clueless to what this is, you can find an older article about this Swivi here: http://cheesycam.com/swivi-5-6-lcd-now-available/.


F&V. Heard the name before? Probably something you don't think about, but this is the same company that makes the very popular Z96 LED Video light. Looks like they now have a 7" 800 x 480 LCD monitor to add to their lineup of DSLR related gear, and calling it the 'F1'. The 800x480 resolution is pretty typical for most monitors under $700 dollars, and don't get that resolution confused with the 'up to 1080' specs for small LCD monitors. Most of the time this just means it can accept the signal and scale it properly. Does not appear to have false color exposure, or any focus peaking features.

What's in the package?
# F&V F1 7" 16:9 Portable LED Backlight HD Monitor
# PVC Sunhood
# DC power connection cord
# Sony DV battery Plate Adapter
# Standard to mini HDMI cable
# IR Remote
# Pan/Tilt Head

Even though F&V has had much success on the Z96 LED light, there's plenty of other LCD monitors available, and this could be a really tough market to penetrate. Always good to know your options, and what's out there. You should be able to find this 7" LCD as well as others following the jump below.

find-price-button 7" LCD HDMI Monitors for DSLRs


Kevin Clarkson shows what's in the box and what to expect if you happen upon a Lilliput 669GL HDMI LCD monitor. This version requires an external battery pack, and not like the version shown here with an internal battery pack: http://cheesycam.com/7-hdmi-lcd-w-internal-battery/. Luckily there are combo deals that include everything you need to get the LCD setup with your DSLR found here: http://cheesycam.com/new-7-lilliput-2010-battery-shoe-mount/

Lilliput 7″ + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal

Kevin also shows his recent purchase for a small portable lightweight HorusBennu 988X Travel Tripod. It's not a video type tripod, but can definitely hold your accessories or be used for a lightweight photography setup. I've been using my travel tripod with a Canon 5D Mark II + battery grip + Sigma 50-500mm right now, so these little guys can definitely carry weight. I'm out here in Maui, Hawaii and I can tell you there's nothing like having a good travel tripod with you at all times. Especially with the hook available on this 988X, you can hang your camera bag to load it up for more stability. Mine is a smaller Velbon purchased years ago, but I can't imagine I paid under $100 dollars at the time. The 988X Travel tripod runs less than $50 dollars, with an LX-2T mini ball head goes up to $89 bucks.


[Thanks Kevin]