NEW! 7″ Lilliput 2010 + Battery + Shoe Mount

Wow, Lilliput is not playing around. There was a time when these 7" HDMI monitors were first released for about $200 dollars, but this still meant searching for a way to mount and power these bad boys up. Olahf just sent in a video of his unboxing the new 7" LCD + Battery + Shoe Mount Combo deal he received from eBay. This combo includes a supposedly newer 2010 model of the 7" monitor + Shoe mount + Battery pack so you're ready to rock from the get go. You can check out more details of these new monitors + battery packs Following this Link..

click image to find Lilliput 7" + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal

42 thoughts on “NEW! 7″ Lilliput 2010 + Battery + Shoe Mount

  1. John Lipnicky

    I recently bought a 10" Liliput field monitor. I use it outdoors to video my daughter's high school and travel softball games from the outfield area (no chain link fence problems). I have the Canon 2ti with telephoto lens.

    Good news bad news: I got a piece of corrugated (black) plastic. I cut it to fit around the monitor. Its held in place by sticky-back velcro dots. It works perfectly.

    My huge problem is that the Lilput battery just does not hold a charge. Thru Amazon they're $45 each. I've now bought four of them in the hope I can use the monitor all day using those 4 batteries. Not happy with the SHORT CHARGE TIME ... I can't get it to charge all 3 of those green lights. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

    John L.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @JJ - The lilliput monitors are getting better since their first release. They aren't going to offer as many features as high end LCDs, but if all you need is framing for a jib, then the Lilliput should work fine.

  3. JJ

    Emm will I be able to use the lilliput on my Canon 60D? I just ordered a TommyJib crane and I want to add a monitor to it. What is your recomendation as far as the lilliput lcds on the 60d? Thank YOu

  4. Christian

    Thanks Emm. With the 60d and the lilliput in DVI mode, does the lilliput take up most the real estate on the screen or is it shrunk into the 4:3 aspect ratio?

  5. Christian

    Is their a difference between the Lilliput 7" 2010 version as compared to the 7" 2011?

  6. I'm curious, I have a 7" Lilliput SD monitor. And it was great when I used it inside, but once I stepped outside, it was impossible to use, because the screen surface was so relective. A monitor hood didn't help any either. Anyways, I'm curious how this monitor performs in daylight or in a bright location. Is there something that can be applied to the screen to make it more usable?

  7. Koitz

    Hi people,

    And what about battery? I've seen it solds separately for about $30, but how is it about duration?

    Byez to All

  8. Brad

    Just bought one of these too! God, because of your site i have spent around $500 bucks this week that I don't have. THANKS A LOT!



  9. Emm

    Post author

    People have mentioned that the resolution with the 7" and 8" are similar but the 7" has the better 'aspect ratio' for the camera output.

  10. Paul

    Hey all -

    I've been considering a Lilliput monitor based in large part on my reading of this great site.

    But which one? I'm looking a a number of 7 inch and 8 inch units on Lilliput's web site, all within my price range of about $200 U.S. I'm having a hard time differentiating among the several very similar looking units. Advice?

    I plan to use this now with a Canon HV-40 mini DV camcorder. May end up with dslr set up in the future, but who knows.

    - P

  11. Emm

    Post author

    So the 7D with the HDMI cable worked on a TV? Have you successfully had the 7D work on any other type of monitor?

  12. Went to my camera shop today and tested this again on another 7D and it did not work. No signal. The cable DID work on a TV, so I don't think it's the cable. I can only imagine it's something with the HDMI connection on the monitor?
    What else can I try. Have told the dealer on Ebay.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    Someone else mentioned that, and might be the HDMI cable. There's a certain one you might have to switch to.

  14. Got the Lilliout , plugged in HDMI to Canon 7D , but says No Input Signal and get the Blue screen. Anything I need to setup in 7D. I'm on firmware 1.2.2

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  16. ZYK

    Hi guys,
    I have very little understanding when it comes to cameras, I'm a gadget geek but with ever evolving cameras it's hard to keep up.
    I want to make my own steadicam & this is where I see this monitor come in handy but I don't know how it's meant to plug in to the camera? I've got an Aiptek HD camcorder & a Casio Exilim EX-FH20 which films SD video from 210fps up to 1,000fps. Would this monitor work on my cameras?
    One of my biggest hurdles at the moment is loss of use of my left arm due to a motorbike accident. It's permanent & may take up to 7 years of rehab if my nerve transfer surgery is a success. So all the stuff I need to build will need to be easy to move around.
    Cheers for your help
    Z - Brisbane, Australia

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  18. JayDee

    Hey Tony: I bought the DigiFinder Pro viewfinder magnifier from and it offers a pretty good range of diopter adjustment. Now, my very own old eyes find it amazingly easy to focus on the T2i. And it's pretty cheap !

  19. Tony

    Wow, would love to know when someone with a t2i gets this and confirms how well focusing can be achieved. My eyes are getting pretty old. Just ordered the clone LDCVF and was going to try and fab up a diopter or even just glue in a cheap +3 reader lens to help out.

    Someone post up when you get this!

  20. Emm

    Post author

    Hi Karen, again the limitation during recording is from the camera. It does not output display in HD format. For focus I guess it doesn't really matter how expensive of a monitor you buy, the camera will not output in HD display. I believe it should be good enough for focus, but even better at composition. Some people will shoot a short clip and play it back. During playback the camera will output HD and you can see if things are in focus more clearly.

  21. Karen

    Hey Emm and anyone who has purchased this - I would use it strictly for focus - how well does it hold up for that purpose? Thanks!

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  23. Terry (or anyone who knows) How did you get the battery pack?? Is there a link for the battery pack? I bought this monitor about two months ago (before the great awesome deal -_-) and I bought a battery to plug it into that's basically a brick and not easily mounted. How do you charge the battery that it comes with? And last, does it mount out of box to the monitor? Thanks! XD

  24. Emm- Okay. I have plugged in an HDMI connector before to an HDTV and it forced the camera to record SD 640x480, so I didn't know if it had this same problem.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    You can monitor while you record, it will display in SD resolution. The limitation is from the camera not the monitor. Playback from the camera is HD, but during recording the camera can only output SD resolution.

  26. SO does this monitor have a smart connect in that when I hit record it will know to record HD, but step down the resolution through the monitor?

    I'm looking for a good monitor like this, but I don't want the hassle of pressing buttons every time I need to record and monitor and unplugging cables every second. Does this monitor have something like that? Otherwise I just don't see the point in an HDMI monitor if I can't record while viewing in liveview.

    Thanks in advance for the response!

  27. Josh

    How weird, I was just looking at getting the monitor and then buying the battery pack from jag35, great timing Emm! 😀

  28. Damn, I just bought one - without the extras. Got the new 2010 model. Maybe they'll sell the mount and battery as an add-on pack...

  29. Emm

    Post author

    It still displays the correct aspect ratio. Recording Live View doesn't display in HD though.

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