Z96 LED + Yongnuo Live View Shutter Remote


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Some new things came in, and i'll be talking about them soon after I test them out. First up is the Z96 LED light that many are saying will be replacing the popular 126 LEDs. I'll test it out to see what the build quality is really like and compare it against the 126 LED (which I own three of). I received my Z96 LED light from this seller..

click to find Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

Secondly is the Yonguo Live View Shutter Remote. This mini LCD is supposed to display the Live View from your camera in case you're setup on a crane / jib, or or on a Palo Alto adapter. The mini LCD also has a few button options to fire off your cameras shutter. I went ahead and purchased 3 cables 5D Mark II, 7D, and a T2i cable to test against all the cameras to see how it works. I grabbed my Remote LCD Live View Shutter Cord from the cheapest seller found in this article here.

click to find Remote LCD Live View Shutter Cord

10 thoughts on “Z96 LED + Yongnuo Live View Shutter Remote

  1. T2i Newbie

    Any chance of a quick video showing the Yongnuo live remote at work? I'm curious about how it connect to the T2i to get the video.

  2. Serge

    Had to take advantage of such a good deal, I still know people ordering lite panels, I can't thank you enough for posing all these great finds.
    My most viewed site for the day are Cnn, cheesy cam, Philip bloom, eBay, face book. I check your site at least 10 times a day.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Really quickly the LCD displays the correct aspect ratio and resembles what's on camera. But the LCD doesn't look like it's a high quality DPI display. It's not super sharp, so may not be a good Focusing option. It does display well for just framing shots and using the LCDVF on bright outdoor situations.

  4. Tony

    Hey, can you test the yonguo with your lcdvf also to see if this is even a reasonable option to have a remote viewfinder? Thanks

  5. Serge

    Cant wait to see the Mini LCD in Action.
    I ordered 4 Z96 should be here by thursday the lates given that today its the 10th day.

  6. Herb


    Man. My Z96 should be here any day now. I'm chomping at the bit. I'll put it up against my 160 to see how it compares to the 126's bigger brother.

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