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Here's a perfect example of "Why Didn't I Think of That???!". I talked about the Yongnuo remote LCD viewfinder a few times and ordered one myself. Article found here: http://cheesycam.com/remote-lcd-live-view-for-dslr-video-exciting/. I've used it for the Palo Alto adapter to do some Painters Pole Photography so that I can frame a shot and fire the camera's shutter. I've also tried to use it as an EVF - Electronic View Finder, but the pixel resolution wasn't suffice for focusing when magnified by a Loupe. So other than PPP photography, it's been on the shelf.

Recently GoPro released firmware to allow Live View video from the GoPro HD to an external monitoring. Since the GoPro doesn't have an LCD (yet), framing a shot is always hit and miss. I've had the Yongnuo + GoPro items on my shelf for months now and didn't think to use them together. Well Cheesycam reader Renato Longona writes in today with a video showing the two being used together. This Yongnuo is a lightweight, inexpensive, portable battery powered LCD monitor perfect for something like the GoPro which has no LCD. I really enjoyed using the built in Timelapse feature on the GoPro, and now i'll be able to accurately view what's going to be captured. Pure genius! [Thanks Renato]

The Yongnuo Live View Remote Portable Battery Powered LCD can be found here: Yongnuo Battery Powered Remote LCD Viewer

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Some new things came in, and i'll be talking about them soon after I test them out. First up is the Z96 LED light that many are saying will be replacing the popular 126 LEDs. I'll test it out to see what the build quality is really like and compare it against the 126 LED (which I own three of). I received my Z96 LED light from this seller..

click to find Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

Secondly is the Yonguo Live View Shutter Remote. This mini LCD is supposed to display the Live View from your camera in case you're setup on a crane / jib, or or on a Palo Alto adapter. The mini LCD also has a few button options to fire off your cameras shutter. I went ahead and purchased 3 cables 5D Mark II, 7D, and a T2i cable to test against all the cameras to see how it works. I grabbed my Remote LCD Live View Shutter Cord from the cheapest seller found in this article here.

click to find Remote LCD Live View Shutter Cord



Wow, thanks Serge! This is a cool looking little gadget that Serge sent in for me to look at. It's not HD, but i'm assuming it's close to the resolution on the DSLR itself. A bit smaller in size at 2.5", but with some type of magnification this would be the solution that I mentioned LCD ViewFinders would be heading towards. With this type of simple setup offset shoulder rigs would be a thing of the past. The camera can remain mounted anywhere and the LCD + LCD View Finder can be moved into eye position by a simple articulating arm.

Depending on how long the cord is, this would work as a lightweight monitor for smaller Jibs / Crane type setups for 'framing' (not sure about focus pulling). It has it's own rechargeable battery pack too, but can accept DC power. A very cool function is that it acts like a Remote Shutter!(shutter function may only be for photography) Wow this is an excellent addition to the Palo Alto adapter for those low aerial shots. I can totally use this for framing shots while the camera is 10' feet high!. Very cool small lightweight product that i'm excited to get my hands on and the price is ridiculous! Oh, before posting this I did place my order in case they run out. Check out the new Remote LCD for DSLR video by clicking here.

Update:: They emailed me asking what Canon camera I have. They mentioned they have cables to support the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and T2i. I hope they ship fast, i'm interested in showing what this looks like with a video review.