The Yongnuo Remote Portable LCD + GoPro HD Hero

Here's a perfect example of "Why Didn't I Think of That???!". I talked about the Yongnuo remote LCD viewfinder a few times and ordered one myself. Article found here: I've used it for the Palo Alto adapter to do some Painters Pole Photography so that I can frame a shot and fire the camera's shutter. I've also tried to use it as an EVF - Electronic View Finder, but the pixel resolution wasn't suffice for focusing when magnified by a Loupe. So other than PPP photography, it's been on the shelf.

Recently GoPro released firmware to allow Live View video from the GoPro HD to an external monitoring. Since the GoPro doesn't have an LCD (yet), framing a shot is always hit and miss. I've had the Yongnuo + GoPro items on my shelf for months now and didn't think to use them together. Well Cheesycam reader Renato Longona writes in today with a video showing the two being used together. This Yongnuo is a lightweight, inexpensive, portable battery powered LCD monitor perfect for something like the GoPro which has no LCD. I really enjoyed using the built in Timelapse feature on the GoPro, and now i'll be able to accurately view what's going to be captured. Pure genius! [Thanks Renato]

The Yongnuo Live View Remote Portable Battery Powered LCD can be found here: Yongnuo Battery Powered Remote LCD Viewer

Click image for Pricing on Yongnuo Remote LCD

Click image for Pricing on GoPro HD Hero

12 thoughts on “The Yongnuo Remote Portable LCD + GoPro HD Hero

  1. Serge

    @Fstop, I really don't recall but I think it is the same seller that Emm is linking here. Sellers tend to notice what is hot or not from the DIY sites and the interest and jack up the prices.

  2. Jason

    Woa...i literally just picked up 5 GoPros...This is perfect!!! Cheeseycam you are'd you know I needed something like this? So dope

  3. fStop

    @Serge - Could you tell us where do you get it for around $40? Maybe the seller will give a group discount and there are a lot of people reading

    @jeremy - If you only need the yellow eye cushion it´s the Eyewear Kanü Regular (oval). 🙂

  4. Serge

    Wow I remember when I sent the link to you and your ordered they were a lot cheaper than they are now, I paid about $38 for mine 4 months ago, now they are in the $89 price range.

    Funny how your post have the power to get so much traffic and sales going, yet you do it all for free and the love of it. Thank you for all you do for the community.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    The LCD lasts quite a while, but it isn't very bright. I can see the use of a Loupe to help. The shutter obviously won't work on the GoPro, just the video monitoring.

  6. DPC

    Yo Cheesy! I thought of that..! Ok, so I didn't, but how long does the battery last on the Yongnuo monitor? And how's the shutter control (instant, delay, etc)?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Nigel. Yes it does work. You just need the correct video cable. When you order it, you just need to tell the seller what camera you have. The problem I found though for the DSLR, is the screen isn't high resolution for sharp focusing. It's good for 'framing' a shot.

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