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You won't find many of my DIY's using PVC, but here's one I think is worth mentioning. Submitted by Hal Robertson, I think it's a project just about anyone can tackle in an afternoon and an ice cream budget. If you're like me, they have the exact same parts available in at least Copper Piping, which I would personally use over PVC. Of course metal pipes are a bit more expensive and requires a little bit more tooling to work with.

This simple design has a few nice features. The double seperated rails keep the rig from rolling off the shoulder, and the angled brackets to the rear provide a shoulder rest and a counterweight mount. There's a crap load of photos, and If you want to check out the complete set of parts, and build instructions, head on over to Hal's blogspot: Hey Hal, why isn't on your BlogRoll? LOL. [Thanks Hal]

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  1. I made this for my 60D but changed it up a little. I used 15 inch pieces for the center arms and a 12in for the right arm I'm just shy of 7'0" so this configuration works better for me. I also added an extra set of t joints right below the 45 degree angle joints to give me a little longer piece on my back and also to anchor a counter weight. This works awesome.

    I'm planning on modifying this design for an over the head type rig where it sits on both shoulders with the camera in the center.
    I'll post pics once its complete.

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  3. Matt

    I'm thinking about making this bad boy for my 5DMk2, 'cause after buying the cam my budget is close to maxed.

    My concern is this: How to mount a follow focus? Any ideas/advice/etc?

  4. Izhar Ashdot

    I built my shoulder rig from Schedule 80 PVC rods, since Sch. 40 were not available, and I'm happy about that because they're heavier and sturdier and they are gray!
    I've mounted my NEX-5 with the Helios 44-2 lens and the Zoom H1. It feels stable and well balanced.
    Here are a couple of pics.
    Hal, thank you for a great idea and design.

  5. xlerate

    I slightly modded this design.
    Added 3 additional 'T' adapters and made a quick mount from a 3/4 PVC bushing, 1 & 1/2" 1/4x20 screw, & some washers.

    There are three female mount points on the mod, for additional accessories.

    Here is a photo:

    From this project, the best thing was creating the quick mount. I have since made several of them as they quickly pop into any of the several 3/4 inch PVC rigs.

  6. MisterO

    This is so simple it's pure genius.
    I just finished my PVC cage and was thinking about doing something like that.
    Hal just gave me the right input.
    Even though I just ordered a shoulder rig from Indisystem, I will buil one like that, adding a little quick release plate.

    Here's the link fot my diy rig:
    Sorry for the french 😉

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  8. Noel Roque

    Awesome website... now starting to be addicting, hahaha...
    Do you think these parts are available in aluminum tubing? I was thinking for a little more money, I could have a lightweight sturdier rig. Was also toying with the idea of using 15mm carbon fiber rods. They have them at reasonable prices with Tim @ indisystems. But I don't know what to do for the joints. This btw, is one of the better looking DIY rigs Ive seen so far... keep up the gr8 work. You are a tremendous help to many people.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    It has a 1/4x20 mount, but you'd need something to keep it adjustable for different sized lenses. If you kept it on it's rod mount you would be able to adjust it forward and back and also side to side. Probably best to find a way to mount it with it's rod adapter.

  10. Paotography

    I'm not a good diy person... But would there be anyway to mount the ikan f3 on this thing w/o buying the friction arm?

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