GoPro HD Hero Firmware Update

There's some new firmware floating around updating the GoPro HD Hero. The new firmware update will add a ton of new options making a good thing even better. The most exciting feature is the 'Live View' feed. Plugging the GoPro HD Hero into a monitor with it's composite out is said to even provide 'HD' feeds for live viewing. I've gotta try this when I get home. You can find more information about the new GoPro firmware at their product website here:


With this new Live Feed out, there's also a new housing to support the cable connections. I'm still waiting on the external battery pack and mini LCD.

11 thoughts on “GoPro HD Hero Firmware Update

  1. PhantomCanadian

    I updated the firmware the day it came out. Followed the instructions to the letter, had a fully charged battery and newly formatted card.

    Haven't had any problems since and I've used the cam a lot off-road motorcycling. Shaken the piss out of it and it's as good as the day I purchased it.

    Don't know if it's there but maybe an old version of the firmware is available on the GoPro site?

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  3. Nacho

    I have the same problem. I updated to the new firmware, It has some very god things like the up side down recording BUT This release has also some problems with the video quality in the auto exposure processing.

    I need the old firmware, any suggestions????

    Thanks !!!

  4. ss

    This camera WAS great! good video etc, if you buy one please leave it carefully

    IF you a HDhero cam owner, do NOT upgrade the firmware, this "upgrade" has made my hero have a lousy video with flashing artifacts all over the place.

    One button feature only gives sound with NO video picture.

    THIS upgrade should be withdrawn and a fix made available a darn site quicker than the length of time this "upgrade" took to make in the first place.
    The upgrade was downloaded off HDHero website.. you have been warned!

  5. Amado

    I second Scott's comment. I bought my GoPro at a local bike show and they had the same LED TV"s setup. Picture looked great. Even at home on my plasma it looks great.

  6. Scott

    At last week's Surf Expo GoPro was running their videos on a dozen or so LED TV's, somewhere between 50"-60", and it looked great.

  7. PaulP

    I have been debating getting a GoPro HD, from posted vimeo and youtube videos very hard to see how it stands up on say a 60" plasma display- what's the word on the video quality?

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