Thursday Mail Bag


Like I had mentioned, the Tascam DR-08 was due in today's mail bag. Here it is in all it's plastic glory. Not that plastic is totally bad, even the Zoom H1 has it's share of plastic for the build. I haven't placed them side by side yet, but the Tascam appears to be in similar size and function. Will do a nice little test later tonight for audio quality and then run through the pros and cons of each item that I can think of.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Mail Bag

  1. Emm

    Post author

    The 7D doesn't have the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the input microphone. Just about any microphone you plug directly into a 7D or T2i will not be able to achieve best sound. The portable recorder itself can adjust sensitivity so you can fine tune the sound. If you opt for the Zoom H4n recorder, this has several different types of inputs in which you can connect high quality microphones and further adjust the sensitivity of each microphone input.

  2. J. Zonstani

    I'm very curious about these high fidelity recorders. Can you plug them into your 7d as a "line-in" microphone? If you are recording it separately, how do you sync the audio and video in post?

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