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Well it was just a matter of time. As we see it, technology changes every few months weeks. It's hard to keep up with all the great new upgrades going on, but luckily we have a lot of readers submitting information to this website. Thanks to phoSumpro.com for this information, Lilliput's new 7" HDMI capable monitor now rocks a few new tricks. Many of these new features won't be used in DSLR world, but the best new feature is it's Internal Battery. Yes, the HDMI monitor now comes with Internal Battery. This would be a better fit for my Steadicam work should I choose to mount it.

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The new 7" Lilliput also throws down some BNC and YPbPr connections as well as the usual HDMI + AV. There's also a short sun shade that fits nicely over the top, although i'm not sure how effective that would be. I guess it would be a good starting point to hard epoxy our own DIY shade so that it can be removed and installed whenever we want. It does claim to be a newer model with 'Higher Brightness', but i'm already sold on the internal battery option. This thing looks fairly new, and I can only track down 2 auctions. One comes with a hotshoe mount, but the shipping looks high. The other is a straight up deal + free shipping. Check out the Lilliput 7" HMDI & BNC & YPbPr & Internal Battery

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So the new combo deal is driving people nuts who currently own the 7" LCD Monitor by Lilliput, because they just missed the boat on the Battery + Shoe mount accessories. If you were one who got the early jump on these bargain priced portable HDMI monitors and need the battery pack or shoe mount, you can message the seller to see if they'll work with you on shipping something. Otherwise here's some Lilliput Portable Battery options for your HDMI DSLR Monitor.

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Wow, Lilliput is not playing around. There was a time when these 7" HDMI monitors were first released for about $200 dollars, but this still meant searching for a way to mount and power these bad boys up. Olahf just sent in a video of his unboxing the new 7" LCD + Battery + Shoe Mount Combo deal he received from eBay. This combo includes a supposedly newer 2010 model of the 7" monitor + Shoe mount + Battery pack so you're ready to rock from the get go. You can check out more details of these new monitors + battery packs Following this Link..

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Wow, huge milestone on Amazon. Someone just dropped me a line about the 7" monitor I posted about earlier. They said they were able to get it from an Amazon seller. A reputable seller who's been shipping Lilliput monitors for years is now carrying the 7" HDMI version. Not that you couldn't find a USA seller before, but normally that meant a huge marked up price. The milestone here is that you can now pick it up from Amazon for the same price instead of waiting on Hong Kong shipping.

Oh and don't forget that you'll need a portable power option. Many people have already taken my advice on Portable power and picked up some of the Black and Decker battery packs featured in my video here: http://cheesycam.com/?p=215

Other options for Portable Power can be the Duracell Powersource Mobile. I haven't tried these, but others have purchased it with their monitors.