7″ HDMI LCD w/ Internal Battery

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Well it was just a matter of time. As we see it, technology changes every few months weeks. It's hard to keep up with all the great new upgrades going on, but luckily we have a lot of readers submitting information to this website. Thanks to phoSumpro.com for this information, Lilliput's new 7" HDMI capable monitor now rocks a few new tricks. Many of these new features won't be used in DSLR world, but the best new feature is it's Internal Battery. Yes, the HDMI monitor now comes with Internal Battery. This would be a better fit for my Steadicam work should I choose to mount it.

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The new 7" Lilliput also throws down some BNC and YPbPr connections as well as the usual HDMI + AV. There's also a short sun shade that fits nicely over the top, although i'm not sure how effective that would be. I guess it would be a good starting point to hard epoxy our own DIY shade so that it can be removed and installed whenever we want. It does claim to be a newer model with 'Higher Brightness', but i'm already sold on the internal battery option. This thing looks fairly new, and I can only track down 2 auctions. One comes with a hotshoe mount, but the shipping looks high. The other is a straight up deal + free shipping. Check out the Lilliput 7" HMDI & BNC & YPbPr & Internal Battery

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14 thoughts on “7″ HDMI LCD w/ Internal Battery

  1. Raven

    Has anyone ever successfully attached a Seetec soft hood to a lilliput 7-inch lcd monitor? How much duct tape do I need to invest in to do this? And if duct tape is not required, then how did you attach it?

  2. I'm talking about the Lilliput 7" LCD 668GL-70NP. Has anyone tried the 669 with a 60D? I'm wondering if this problem doesn't occur with the 669.

  3. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed on any of the posts regarding this monitor, but if you have the 60D, DO NOT GET THIS MONITOR.

    I just got it and I'm sorely disappointed. I can live with the switch to SD resolution when you hit record, but what I can't live with is the "squashing" of the image. That's right, when you hit record, not only does it scale down in resolution, the aspect ratio changes. It compresses the image vertically, so you get a pancaked image (faces looking squashed and stretched horizontally, etc) with huge bars of black on the top and bottom. I've been scouring the internet for a solution to this, but as far as I can, there isn't one.

    And it seems to be a problem specific to the 60D from the various forum threads I've read.

    If someone does know some magic solution to this, please let me know! Or if you know any other monitor of similar size/price range that doesn't have this problem with the 60D, I'd love to know about it.

    Anyway, I didn't want any other 60D users to suffer. I'm peeved that this isn't noted in the description of the product.

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  5. skeezie

    nobody seems to be talking about how long the battery lasts....i think that's pretty important....any feedback on that

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Princeton - It would work, many people are happy with these monitors. They aren't as high end with other features like false color filter, but as a monitor they work great.

  7. Hey Emm,

    Would this be a good monitor to use with my 7D? I'm still looking for one to use with the jib I ordered thanks to you. By the way how is your jib coming along? Haven't seen any recent posting on the cheap jib that was selling on ebay.

  8. Tony

    OK, I just ordered the 668 with the internal battery. I'm about all done with the LCD viewers. I can manage with them, but I'm always doubting my focus.

    I have the clone LCDVF and yesterday I bought a hoodman loupe that I modified to find onto one of those glass screen protectors. They both just don't feel quite right. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this monitor will allow me to achieve critical focus without going blind. It sucks getting older, let me tell you!


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  10. Emm

    Post author

    I think it's most convenient. Most guys who fly a monitor will already have a vest, so if it's too heavy below, just add weights above.

  11. Bob

    It seems to me like this would be LESS suitable for steadicam work - that is, even more weight would be put into the monitor, requiring you to put counter weights at the rear of the sled. At least with the two part monitors (battery pack separate) it's a neat balance already built in - monitor at front, battery in rear. Since with the SLR's getting enough weight at the bottom of the sled is rarely an issue (getting enough on the top stage is) it seems like this is not what you want, the regular separate battery pack ones are. Am I wrong?

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