Zoom H1 is shipping UPS tracking updates

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Ok, it is official. Comments and emails are flying in that UPS tracking updates are being sent out for Zoom H1 orders at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order. I did the pre-order thing from another vendor and just received an email from them that they only received 20, and are waiting for another 20 in a few weeks. This means that although the Zoom H1 finally met it's release date, there's limited supply still and slowly trickling in. B&H is a large company, but even they experience out of stock inventory on hot products. I got mine on order with expedited shipping, so unless someone beats me to it, i'll have a video up on Tuesday. Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order the Zoom H1.

8 thoughts on “Zoom H1 is shipping UPS tracking updates

  1. So I see that B&H Photo ran out of stock on their website for the Zoom H1 lol! Pre-order only now bah! Just thought you ought to know what was already expected!

  2. UPS 10:44 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN 11:25 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN August 20 lol! SECAUCUS, NJ, US 12:33 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN August 21 WTF! I could have walked to New York faster bah! Took 15 hours from when B&H scanned it UPS to get somewhere that with a car takes 20 minutes. UPS took way too long to pick it up from B&H! Yes I am impatient after waiting so long for the Zoom H1 to come out! Oh well see it Tuesday!

  3. vonner

    Got mine yesterday at B&H here in NY. I got there about an hour after opening and they said they were already running out. The device itself is super small. Not a big fan of the cheap plastic casing. The sound from the mics is pretty great tho (coming from someone with absolutely no experience in audio). I played around with it at a local restaurant and the ambient background noise was fantastic, while the foreground conversation was decent. You'll have to get it pretty close if you want good dialogue. Let's see, what else... the foam windscreen is pretty useless, but the case is nice. I'll have to pick up a redhead windscreen once it's available. I'm shooting some test footage with a buddy of mine today... if it turns out all right, maybe I'll upload some footage for you guys.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    The Sennheisser is the best if you don't want to have any problems. This is why i'm trying to use the Zoom to see if it will work out in replacement of the expensive wireless setups.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing my Zoom H1 tomorrow as New York, NY is only 9 hours away and they UPS scanned it at 10:44 am today Yes! Hope to have a video up this weekend that unless all of their delivery trucks get flats lol! Watch it on YouTube!

  6. Emm

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    Mainly this will be used with wireless lav's and as Body Packs for interviews. Wireless setups are nice, but still require transmitter, receiver, and recorder. Wireless is more expensive and can experience audio drops or interference. Getting the mic closest to your subject with directional lav mic should be a killer setup for $99 bucks. I still plan on using my H4n for certain things, but this Zoom will also be handy at others. (i'm hoping....LOL)

  7. Not bad for the price, and I'm sure it will work well, but I'm more of a fan of the h4n because it has XLR inputs.

    Nice looking piece. I hope it does wonders for your work.

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