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click image to buy Zoom H1 $99 + Free Shipping

Ok, it is official. Comments and emails are flying in that UPS tracking updates are being sent out for Zoom H1 orders at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order. I did the pre-order thing from another vendor and just received an email from them that they only received 20, and are waiting for another 20 in a few weeks. This means that although the Zoom H1 finally met it's release date, there's limited supply still and slowly trickling in. B&H is a large company, but even they experience out of stock inventory on hot products. I got mine on order with expedited shipping, so unless someone beats me to it, i'll have a video up on Tuesday. Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order the Zoom H1.


I'm still waiting for an email response from Zoom about the official release date, since it's just a day short and there's always different emails about when this thing is going to hit the streets. The actual 'Zoom' store on Amazon has a posted release date of Sept 8th, so we'll see what happens. The good news is that the official 'Zoom' store on Amazon is accepting those Pre-Orders, while other website including BHPHOTOVideo.com are not. So if you haven't placed a jump on it yet, here's the link to the Zoom store on Amazon.

Update: A twitter pic shows them out on the streets. Could it be available? https://twitpic.com/2g8nwo