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find-price-button Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Camera w/ 18-55mm IS II Lens

Just got wind that the Canon EOS T3i is definitely in stock and ready to ship. I know many guys aren't ready to 'convert' but this is a nice camera for first time DSLR shooters. Enough improvements to 'not' consider buying a T2i for your first camera. In stock Found here: Canon EOS T3i Rebel Digital Camera Kit

find-price-button Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera (Body Only)

Of course Canon is here to confuse us, so for the same price you can grab the Canon 60D. Everything is very close between the two, but the Canon 60D also has Manual Kelvin (White Balance), while the Canon T3i does not. Like the Canon 60D, the Canon T3i does provide you with Manual Audio levels, Vari Angle LCD, Wireless Flash Trigger, and all those silly Custom Filters. Of course this is a Body Only price for the 60D, and you'll be missing out on that new 3x - 10x Zoom Feature.



Ok, so you got your DSLR and fancy new Rode VideoMic Pro with +20db feature. If you've got AGC on the T2i (without ML) or Canon 7D, then you need a way to disable AGC. Or maybe you don't? Maybe you've got a Canon 5D Mark II or 60D with Manual audio levels - no AGC to worry about. You're still short of a way to monitor the audio levels via headphones.

There's been different ways of trying to get clean audio into your camera, but it normally came at a hefty price. Here's where this new JuicedLink DS214 comes in. Just recently announced as available for purchase for under $145 bucks, this little black box provides all the missing features of running a stereo jacked microphone into your camera. The DS214 provides you with Audio meters, a Low-Noise Preamp, Headphone monitoring, and even AGC Disable if needed (everything that sucks for a DSLR). Ok, yes you can use an MP3 player with constant tone to 'tame' the AGC, but still no way to adjust levels from the Mic, or give a little low-noise preamp boost to the signal. Any way you cut it, this thing was thought out to include all the different 'workarounds'. For the price and convenience, it can't be beat.

This version doesn't have inputs to support XLR Microphones, but there's a swamping new audience using the Rode VideoMic Pro that sure could use something like this. For XLR phantom power you'll want to check out the DT454. Only 1 stereo input? The DS214 also has seperate L/R potentiometers which makes it possible to run a splitter to two different mics and capture mono on each channel.

As of now the new JuicedLink DS214 is only available on the JL site with a bunch of information which I suggest you checkout to see if this will work for you. There's also some different Audio Samples from a variety of possible Audio setups with the Rode Mic + Zoom H4n you can listen to.

visit-button JuicedLink DS214 Low Noise PreAmp with Headphone Monitoring Audio Meters


click image to buy Zoom H1 $99 + Free Shipping

Ok, it is official. Comments and emails are flying in that UPS tracking updates are being sent out for Zoom H1 orders at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order. I did the pre-order thing from another vendor and just received an email from them that they only received 20, and are waiting for another 20 in a few weeks. This means that although the Zoom H1 finally met it's release date, there's limited supply still and slowly trickling in. B&H is a large company, but even they experience out of stock inventory on hot products. I got mine on order with expedited shipping, so unless someone beats me to it, i'll have a video up on Tuesday. Available at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com - here's the link to order the Zoom H1.