Lilliput Portable Battery Options for DSLR LCD Monitor

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So the new combo deal is driving people nuts who currently own the 7" LCD Monitor by Lilliput, because they just missed the boat on the Battery + Shoe mount accessories. If you were one who got the early jump on these bargain priced portable HDMI monitors and need the battery pack or shoe mount, you can message the seller to see if they'll work with you on shipping something. Otherwise here's some Lilliput Portable Battery options for your HDMI DSLR Monitor.

click image to find Lilliput 7″ + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal

10 thoughts on “Lilliput Portable Battery Options for DSLR LCD Monitor

  1. John Lipnicky

    I just put male (or female) sticky-back velcro dots on the battery and the opposite one on the back of the monitor. Works for me.

    Now if only I could figure out how to FULLY CHARGE THE BATTERY. At the most, I get 45 minutes ... so I now have 4 Liiiput batteries. TO ANYONE OUT THERE ...When charging, do you press the POWER BUTTON or leave it off. I'm thinking you LEAVE IT ON ... They don't seem to charge if I leave the power button "OFF."

    John in Virginia, USA

  2. JAY

    Easy. Use velcro that has a sticky side on the non velcro side. Pretty secure and cheap and easily removable.

  3. Hi there I seem to have the same problem as everyone else in finding a fastening solution to mount the battery on the back of the LCD. I have called many fastening supplies here in Australia but no one seems to have a solution. Where did you get your female screw setup from?
    Thanks for a great blog

  4. Josh

    I think by just using a hot shoe into the monitor that is either glued or double sided taped to the back on the battery would work to fix it on. Then you could easily take it on and off the monitor.

  5. dorn

    they say you should use double-sided tape to fix the battery...
    i think powerklett would be nice.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    I'm assuming it uses the sliding portion on the back which is used as part of the original mount.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    I don't think the cheaper one mounts to the LCD so you'll end up spending a bit of time figuring out how to mount it.

  8. There are 2. I wonder if the $27,99 one is pretty decent. Have you heard anything good about it? I hate to spend another $50 on a battery.


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