Lilliput 669GL LCD + Travel Tripod 988X + LX-2T

Kevin Clarkson shows what's in the box and what to expect if you happen upon a Lilliput 669GL HDMI LCD monitor. This version requires an external battery pack, and not like the version shown here with an internal battery pack: Luckily there are combo deals that include everything you need to get the LCD setup with your DSLR found here:

Lilliput 7″ + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal

Kevin also shows his recent purchase for a small portable lightweight HorusBennu 988X Travel Tripod. It's not a video type tripod, but can definitely hold your accessories or be used for a lightweight photography setup. I've been using my travel tripod with a Canon 5D Mark II + battery grip + Sigma 50-500mm right now, so these little guys can definitely carry weight. I'm out here in Maui, Hawaii and I can tell you there's nothing like having a good travel tripod with you at all times. Especially with the hook available on this 988X, you can hang your camera bag to load it up for more stability. Mine is a smaller Velbon purchased years ago, but I can't imagine I paid under $100 dollars at the time. The 988X Travel tripod runs less than $50 dollars, with an LX-2T mini ball head goes up to $89 bucks.


[Thanks Kevin]

6 thoughts on “Lilliput 669GL LCD + Travel Tripod 988X + LX-2T

  1. Thanks for the help - i will readup more on it. But correct me if i am wrong - the camera display displays .9M pixels a sd monitor will only display bout .35M pixels, the problem is that the cam display is too small to adjust focus so wont an LCD viewfinder give you better control over focus? Well, except for having to be at eyelevel to use? Thanks

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Wilmark - Actual resolution is only 480 on those monitors. It scales HD down to fit the display, but certain times, some cameras don't output in HD anways. Check out this article, and the comments below the article There's a link to something that might help you understand httpss://

  3. Hey - great site i visit everyday! New to DSLR video, and love the DIY's and poorboy solns. I dont understand whats the actual resolution of these monitors - could someone explain please? Does "800 x 480, up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels" mean that its actually HD (interms of pixels) or it downsamples HD down to SD res. Thanks

  4. Emm

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    I don't use a good heavy solid one. I run around alot and preferred something super light. I use a Carbon Fiber 193CX monfrotto.

  5. JP Hansen

    I got that monitor set as well.. it's so sweet.. My only problem is that the charger dont show if the battery is fully charget or not..

  6. Travis Dewys

    What tripod do you use to shoot video from? Im looking to support 7D, 70-200 2.8, 7" monitor, Zoom H4N, and maybe a few other acces. in the future. What would be your recommendations?

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