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YouTube member Stanford Kekauoha writes in and shares this Tripod Review [Thanks Stanford]. For someone who travels quite a bit, Standford was looking for a reliable inexpensive lightweight tripod, and ended up with the HorusBennu 747X Traveler Tripod.

747x hook tripod747 tripod feet legs747x tripod 3-8 1-4

This lightweight tripod offers a bag hook for more stability, bubble level, supports both 1/4 or 3/8 mounts, three leg angle positions, quick release leg locks, interchangeable feet, carrying bag, and reaches a max height of 56.8" (without a head). HorusBennu makes several different types of Tripods and Monopods from large to small so make sure to check those options out also. The 747x can be found for around $64 dollars via eBay (found here).

747X Tripod747x tripod max height specs747x tripod bag
find-price-button HorusBennu747X Travel Tripod


HDSLRNow.com wanted to share this review on this Sirui portable Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod + G10 Ball Head that can fold down to just 15" inches, but can extend to over 51" inches. 15" can just about fit in a decent backpack and would be great for keeping a still camera steady for photos. This setup is not something you would use for fluid video movements, but it's possible to lock off a shot with this if you're just doing a static video angle.

I've heard of the brand Sirui before, but i'm personally not familiar with this exact model Tripod + G10 Ball Head. It seems like a pretty decent unit and popular system that one seller has already sold 79 units of even at a price of $270+. Here's the link to the exact product via eBay (Click Here)

Sirui Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod G10 Ball Head
find-price-button Sirui Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with G10 Ball Head


Kevin Clarkson shows what's in the box and what to expect if you happen upon a Lilliput 669GL HDMI LCD monitor. This version requires an external battery pack, and not like the version shown here with an internal battery pack: http://cheesycam.com/7-hdmi-lcd-w-internal-battery/. Luckily there are combo deals that include everything you need to get the LCD setup with your DSLR found here: http://cheesycam.com/new-7-lilliput-2010-battery-shoe-mount/

Lilliput 7″ + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal

Kevin also shows his recent purchase for a small portable lightweight HorusBennu 988X Travel Tripod. It's not a video type tripod, but can definitely hold your accessories or be used for a lightweight photography setup. I've been using my travel tripod with a Canon 5D Mark II + battery grip + Sigma 50-500mm right now, so these little guys can definitely carry weight. I'm out here in Maui, Hawaii and I can tell you there's nothing like having a good travel tripod with you at all times. Especially with the hook available on this 988X, you can hang your camera bag to load it up for more stability. Mine is a smaller Velbon purchased years ago, but I can't imagine I paid under $100 dollars at the time. The 988X Travel tripod runs less than $50 dollars, with an LX-2T mini ball head goes up to $89 bucks.


[Thanks Kevin]