F&V 7″ LCD 800 x 480 Monitor

F&V. Heard the name before? Probably something you don't think about, but this is the same company that makes the very popular Z96 LED Video light. Looks like they now have a 7" 800 x 480 LCD monitor to add to their lineup of DSLR related gear, and calling it the 'F1'. The 800x480 resolution is pretty typical for most monitors under $700 dollars, and don't get that resolution confused with the 'up to 1080' specs for small LCD monitors. Most of the time this just means it can accept the signal and scale it properly. Does not appear to have false color exposure, or any focus peaking features.

What's in the package?
# F&V F1 7" 16:9 Portable LED Backlight HD Monitor
# PVC Sunhood
# DC power connection cord
# Sony DV battery Plate Adapter
# Standard to mini HDMI cable
# IR Remote
# Pan/Tilt Head

Even though F&V has had much success on the Z96 LED light, there's plenty of other LCD monitors available, and this could be a really tough market to penetrate. Always good to know your options, and what's out there. You should be able to find this 7" LCD as well as others following the jump below.

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6 thoughts on “F&V 7″ LCD 800 x 480 Monitor

  1. Joel

    I really think smallHD is the way to go -- as Emm suggests.

    I've seen a demo and these are rugged, with hdmi pass thru, 8 hr battery life, false color etc. They also are updatable, with a usb port for future firmware upgrades.

    Although the smaller DP4 and get the EVF attachment would work for tripod use, I don't know how well it would work with my gini.... So if I got the larger DP6 with sunhood, and then get a carbon Letus Hawk with direct attachment to the dslr, I would be covered for both situations.

    Any better ideas?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Wolf - LOL, yikes. Well let's see. ikan has a starter LCD to help with peaking / focus and exposure, but they don't have a very extensive menu with matching color. Move up a bit in ikan's line of monitors, you'll get more of those features. They have a VX7e that just won 'best monitor' at NAB2011, you should check out here: https://oliviaoffcamera.com/new-ikan-vx7-7-hd-lcd-monitor

    Marshall monitors would probably have more of all the features you need also, but of course at a higher price tag. The SmallHD DP6 (which I haven't shown off yet) is of my favorites right now because it's small, works specifically with DSLRs, can represent color and exposure pretty well, and just looks damn cool. LOL.

    Zacuto EVF? No doubt they've shown off how durable the unit is and looks like it could last a long time. For the complete kit, if you don't have any ZFinders, the price is a bit up there. It's also a 3" screen which they advertise can be used as a monitor also, but i'm wondering why they didn't go a bit larger since the cameras already have a 3" built in. SmallHD is coming out with a DP4-EVF solution which not only provides you with an EVF, but also about 1" more space, a few hundred bucks cheaper, and might even just look better in the resolution if it's anything like the DP6 (we'll have to wait and see). Even though I 'just' purchased the DP6, i'm all game for the new DP4 with EVF solution....

  3. Emm,

    What, in your opinion, is the best bargain for a monitor with peaking&false color at the moment?

    And what's your take on the Zacuto EVF?

  4. I saw their booth at NAB and was not impressed. They were charging over $200 for a z96 LED light! I bought one on ebay for under $80!!! Way overpriced I would just buy their gear unbranded on ebay. Just my $0.02

  5. I'm unconvinced. they didn't show a close up of the monitor and uploaded it in 360p. -even though it looks like it was shot on a decent camera. looks like they're trying to hide the actual resolution of it.

    Just today I returned an 8 inch Eonon L0607 because the resolution on it was TERRIBLE.
    Even though the company clearly advertises it as an 800x600 resolution monitor it's only 520 x220 which is impossible to use for focusing during a shot. (I confirmed this with a fellow filmmaker - he said the exact same thing - useless for focus.)
    I shot a video comparing it to a screen that has an 800x480 resolution - i'll upload that to my YT channel and send you a link.
    It was only-just okay for focusing when i use the 550D's 5x focus zoom function. --whatever it's called. 🙂 but you can't use that during a shot.

    The Eonon was not even worth keeping as an articulating screen since it's big and just gets in the way. it also takes up a lot of battery. -so i think i'll go for one of those 30$ 4.3" screens just to use for low/high shots.

    Anyways, i'd like to see an actual video review of this V&F monitor.

    Sorry for the rant. 😛

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