iPad TelePrompter with 15mm Rails / Clamps

iPad Prompter

Crazy little iPad Teleprompter (iPad not included) shows up online. From the specs, it sounds good and price is not bad when compared with other prompters. Prompters are normally very expensive alone, and to see that this one comes with industry standard 15mm rods and clamps included in the price makes it even more interesting. This should help with the positioning of the prompter to just about any camera or lens combination, and still provide a very strong support.

iPad Teleprompter with 15mm Rods Rails

States that it's less than 4 lbs, the 70/30 beam splitter is real glass (not acrylic), and appears to pack all the parts into itself down to about an inch thick. Sweet design and would be very interested if someone gets a video review on this soon.

[Update] Video below, thanks Chris.

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 11.58.29 PM
find-price-button iPad Teleprompter Glass BeamSplitter with 15mm Rods Clamps

20 thoughts on “iPad TelePrompter with 15mm Rails / Clamps

  1. I got one and I'm happy with it. It does the job as it should, no complaints from talent not being able to see text clearly and if a product does it's job without any complaints, then I'm happy with the purchase.

    I replaced the aluminum rails that came with it for carbon fiber rails I had and it's much lighter. Was easy to setup and mount and with my shoulder rig it's totally portable. I looked around for prompters and it was competitively priced,

    I'm using Teleprompt+ on my iPad1 and Teleprompt+ Remote on iPhone4s as website recommended so managing the text speed remotely was easy. I would def recommend. Total cost was right around $450 including shipping/tax and App.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @marshall baker - I'm sure it will work to reflect the text. The difference with the higher end glass is they are clear so the image doesn't go soft. Like putting a poor glass filter on your lens.

    The higher end glass versions also don't throw a color cast. Some of these reflective materials have color to them. Some higher end ones also have options for how reflective you want the glass which cuts out light to the camera. Outside of that, it looks like it would work.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Vijay - It's out of stock right now, I will post something when it's back online.

  4. Vijay

    Hi guys..MAGO, where do i get this....been trying to look for it online but couldn't find it....can someone give me the link/ company's website?

  5. Got mine few weeks ago and i love it, awesome price for an awesome product. The true beamsplitter glass... What to say? WINNING !
    I exchanged some mail with André who manufactured the product, very friendly guy.
    He offered me some options like a specific tray for IPad 1 or IPad 2.

    Buy with confidence.

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  7. mike chenoweth

    @Austin - The $$$ is the beamsplitter - true beamsplitter glass isn't cheap. Everything else is pennies in comparison. You want a good, reflective glass in front of the lens that won't show imperfections, reflections of the camera, etc. It would be interesting to see how much it would cost to replicate a beam splitter glass piece though. Plus the correct mounts, getting the camera high enough and positioned properly at the glass. Considering how mobile this type of unit is though, $300 is not a lot of money to spend when you take in to fact that a typical day rate for prompter / operator (here in Utah) is $300 - $400 - you've paid yourself back in two days (including iPad) if you went this route.

  8. Austin

    Already own an IPad (bought one for video playback instantly if i pop in my sd card through the IFile app, Time slate, to write my scripts, story board and for the cool teleprompter app XD) but man seems a little pricey for something that seems easy to make a DIY version of.

  9. mike chenoweth

    @Tom - with the iPad prompter we had maybe 10 - 11 feet before it was a bit hard to read. It's not bad but something this size is not designed for long distances. We tested the iPhone as a prompter as well - you maybe had 4 feet for that one! 😉

  10. Anyone know how far back you can still see the small screen? I looked at producing something for my Tompter.com website but I thought that the small ipad screen is hard for older talent to read past ten feet. If it isn't, I will certainly look at building one!!

  11. mike chenoweth

    We did the promo for the Prompter People iPad Prompter (for Digital Juice) - this appears to be a much nicer product for the money although not sure how lucite over real glass would be - They need to add a sled for those who don't want to use rails with the system. Really looks to be a nice compact and very portable prompter that could be handheld very easily.

  12. Emm

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    @Michael - Yeah not a large audience will use something like this, but this is a decent price for what it comes with.

  13. I've been searching on ebay for something similar and to be honest, this price is pretty competitive. Seriously considering this. Thanks Emm

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Marshall - Yeah that could work sometimes, but you can tell the drift in the eyes depending how close your subject is to camera. I was also looking for one that mounts to camera for walking shots.

  15. That looks fancy and all, but the $40 iKlip on a mic stand, positioned under the camera does the same thing. I know, because that's how I use my iPad to tele prompt.

    Use the $360 savings to buy more gear.


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