If you're working with a client or talent that needs to pitch a script, or even if you're a sole blogger who needs to remember key points during your video presentation, nothing beats a legit teleprompter. By 'legit' I mean a camera's lens that sits directly behind an actual beam splitter. Throwing your smart phone to the side of the lens does not yield the same results when your talent's eyes are wandering off.

An iPad sized prompter should cover most use cases, but because of the size, it may not always be practical for travel, working in the field, or when using small camera systems. For times when you want minimal, small, compact, and lightweight this Listec PW-04 Teleprompter is great for mobile screens and smaller camcorder systems (and perhaps #GH3, #BMPCC?).

via YouTube kelbymediagroup

Typically sold for $320 dollars, the Listec PW-04 is available today with an instant savings of -$120 (now just $199) complete with hard case and bluetooth remote. Check it out (click here).

find-price-button Listec PW-04 Teleprompter w/ Bluetooth Keyboard Remote Android iOS

[ Prompter Software Tip: ] Of course the Listec will offer prompting software, and there are dozens available through the app stores, but is another option as a web based version. Here' a bit more info, and you can check it out at

EasyPrompter is a free web-based teleprompter solution that offers many of the benefits of expensive products. It's unique in that it's completely cloud-based, so even something like a Chromebook can be used as a teleprompter. It also offers a subscription PRO service ($9.99 / mo or $99 per year) which adds the ability to save an unlimited number of scripts along with settings.

Some of the features available:
Adjustable font size
Variable speed
Mirrored display capable through our exclusive font download
Elapsed Time Display
Supports keyboard and mouse controls (start/pause, ff/rew, etc) so you can control the prompter remotely
Can run full screen with no distracting ads, banners or control graphics
Control pad can be undocked for 2 screen operation - this way there is nothing but the text on the second monitor


iPad Prompter

Crazy little iPad Teleprompter (iPad not included) shows up online. From the specs, it sounds good and price is not bad when compared with other prompters. Prompters are normally very expensive alone, and to see that this one comes with industry standard 15mm rods and clamps included in the price makes it even more interesting. This should help with the positioning of the prompter to just about any camera or lens combination, and still provide a very strong support.

iPad Teleprompter with 15mm Rods Rails

States that it's less than 4 lbs, the 70/30 beam splitter is real glass (not acrylic), and appears to pack all the parts into itself down to about an inch thick. Sweet design and would be very interested if someone gets a video review on this soon.

[Update] Video below, thanks Chris.

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 11.58.29 PM
find-price-button iPad Teleprompter Glass BeamSplitter with 15mm Rods Clamps