Super Deal Blast – Variable Friction Arms

Just answered a question about those power friction arms I was using on the JuicedLink Bracket (DSLR Cage) during NAB. Happened to find this today. Looks like some sort of limited time 'Super Deal Blast' where they are selling 100pcs only at a discount price and sale starts ...... wait for it..... ok now! Cheapest i've ever seen them, and everyone is definitely in love with these things, so won't last long (not after this post). Oh and umm...better make that 96 pcs, cause I just had to grab me a few extra ones at this price.

[Update] Sorry guys, seems like you wiped them out. No longer available on sale, just regular price ones found here: Variable Position Power Friction Arms

Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 8.14.31 AM
find-price-button 11" Variable Position Power Friction Arm

14 thoughts on “Super Deal Blast – Variable Friction Arms

  1. wow I ordered this on friday got it today fast shipping but I ended up paying $88 there was customs for these small metal friction arms :s got 2 they work great for extending my lcd monitor and rode videomic...


  2. Momo

    What website/seller was this at? I don't care if it's regular price now, if you like it then I want one!

  3. J Toha

    That was quick, and I thought I check cheesycam regularly lol. Oh well...grats to all who got them.

  4. Diesel

    Wow! You can't beat that. My total came to $49 with the Super Clamp and delivery. I was in Calumet yesterday and they want that much for a 4" arm alone which was considered reasonable until now.

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