Vivitar branded LP-E6 Canon Batteries

If you've registered for Amazon Prime shipping, you know you can get something fast (two day FREE). I needed a set of batteries, and instead of going to my usual over seas and 4 weeks waiting store, I took a chance on the Vivitar branded version. Yeah I know they probably don't make them and who knows what they are really called. It charges on OEM, shows battery, the camera registers battery information, and seems to be doing fine (so far). We'll see how it holds up, but at least the price was about the same as elsewhere, and claims a 5 year warranty.

vivitar-lp-e6find-price-button LP-E6 Replacement 'Intelligent' High Capacity Battery (2000Mah)-5 Year Warranty

5 thoughts on “Vivitar branded LP-E6 Canon Batteries

  1. Donald Robertson

    I believe these are rated at 1400MaH ...... lower than the CANON (and more expensive) battery. Sometimes these need several "cycles" to become a viable battery; other times they simply are "inferior". The COST VARIATION makes the 'VIVITAR' a fair battery to try and IF the 5- YEAR WARRANTY is worth a hoot it may be quite acceptable. ONLY time will "tell"!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - I haven't done any specific tests, but they seem to be working fine. I'm sure they aren't up to par with Canon batteries, probably lower mah rating.

  3. Ryan


    So I started using these batteries. I did a full charge on the Canon LP-E6 charger and they seem to work good with the camera, but I notice for video the battery indicator shows they lose juice rather quickly. Is this a false indicator and they last longer than it shows? Have you done any tests in just video mode in how long of run time you've gotten out of these?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - Yeah they seem to be fine, but if it fails early there's a warranty. If it lasts me a year, i'll probably feel like I got good use out of them...

  5. Just ordered 2 of these based on your results. I have Amazon Prime and very much looking forward to receiving these! Much better price than the name brand. Hopefully they hold up! 🙂

    Thanks for the good find!

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