Velbon UltraStick Monopod – Tiny and Fast

Nothing compares to a 'lightweight traveling camera stabilizer' like a portable Monopod. Whether it be for Photography or for Video, a Monopod can truly add stabilization on the fly. I wanted to travel light over to NAB, but still have some type of stabilization if needed. I ordered this Velbon Ultra Stick monopod, probably more out of curiosity about it's 'patented twist & release leg locking system'. After my first tests, I'm pretty surprised about how well it works, how sturdy it feels under the camera, and more impressed about how small this thing collapses.

If you caught me over at NAB2011, this was what I used under my 5D Mark II + 24-70mm F/2.8L + Rode VideoMic Pro. Often used just as a solid handle under the camera body, but for longer takes, I was able to extend it to carry all the camera weight. Collapsed, this thing is very very very small. Sets up super fast, breaks down even faster. The small size not only fits in my backpack, but it fits in the smallest outer pocket of my backpack. Collapses down to about 12.5" inches and weighs next to nothing.

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Also Available at B&H
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Or Adorama
Velbon Ultra Stick M50 5-Section Twist Lock Monopod with Neoprene Grip and Strap, Height: 12.8 to 51.5 inch
find-price-button Velbon Ultra Stick Monopod via Adorama

This thing lives in my bag now, and it will be the first thing I grab for quick stabilization or when I want to travel extra light. I think i'll grab one of those Monopod belt pouches which should add more functionality..

find-price-buttonMonopod Belt Pouch

29 thoughts on “Velbon UltraStick Monopod – Tiny and Fast

  1. ajmalzx

    I bought the m40 based on the recommendation, love it except it requires quite a twist to open up the stick. Luckily I usually wear gloves when working so it's not that bad, but when i do it bare hand, it hurts a bit.

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  4. huby

    Thanks for the reply !
    Ok, so I think i would be the next buyer of a Ultra Stick Velbon Monopod !! Maybe the ultimate "must have" for my GoPro ?? Lighweight, very small when folded ... In a few weeks, i'll post my feedback !!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @huby - Yes you can adjust different sections and lock it in place. Takes a bit of practice because you have to unlock everything first and then lock it once you have it set.

  6. huby

    Hi Cheesycam, i would like to use this monopod with a GoPro, to make easy selfshoots, but is it possible to handle from the extended section ? maybe just with the 2 biggest section extended ...

  7. Daniel H.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Do you think the bigger QR adapters (2nd link in my above post) would be able to support a slider when it's vertical like you mentioned here?


    I would like to put a slider on a tripod and use it vertically for "crane" shots, but I'm not sure if the second QR adapter and plate could handle the weight vertically. What do you think? Thanks!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel H. - Yes I had an article on the second link you have, I suggest that one for a fig rig. The smaller QR adapters are best for just straight to the camera.

  9. Daniel H.

    Emm, thanks for the helpful post!

    Do you know if that monopod tilthead quick release plate you posted will fit on this Calumet QR adapter?

    If so, do you think this QR system would be sturdy enough to mount a fig rig on the 717ah head? Or for to attach to a slider track on a tripod? I'm trying to figure out which QR plates and adapters to go with for all my stuff.

    I was also looking at these Calument QR adapters if the ones above were too small.

    Thanks so much!

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  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Inferno10 - I wouldn't trust holding it from it's smallest section if it leaned forward. For crowd shots like that, I was using my painters pole.

  12. I like using monopods to lift my camera above crowds for high angle shots. Would you trust this monopod to do this overhead shot with a 5DmkII mounted?

  13. Thanks Emm. I ended up getting a Manfrotto 681B monopod cause it can hold more weight. I basically just want this setup so I can pan up and down along with left and right.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Kelly - I don't know how effective Fluid Heads are on Monopods. With only one leg, it's easy to pan left and right. I guess you might be able to use up and down, but a 717 would be pretty heavy. Maybe a very small RC2 head?

  15. I was thinking about picking up one of these but stick my 717ah fluid head on top. Now I just need to find a 1/4 to 3/8 adapter screw.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @marc - yes at any height. Anywhere in between or fully extended, doesn't matter. You can lock it at any positon down to the millimeter.

  17. Looks like a sweet little monopod, I've got a big beefy Manfrotto, but have been looking for something smaller, one question; can it be locked in place at any height? or do you have to fully extend each section before it will lock into place?

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @jakob - No fluid head. Just moved the camera around, but with a monopod it provided better than handheld alone.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @eiker_ir - I have the one that collapses down to the shortest. I think it's the M50.

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