iLogos 7 Inch LCD Field Monitor

iLogos LCD DSLR Monitor

Branded as iLogos, it's another LCD Monitor showing up online which includes a few popular features such as Peaking, False Color, etc. 7" Screen, 1024x600 resolution (pretty good), with HDMI, Component & Composite inputs. False Color - Adjustable Under Luminance & Over, Luminance Warning, Clip Guide - Adjustable Threshold, Peaking – Red outline, Under Scan, Movable Pixel to Pixel Color, Side-By-Side Freeze Frame, Image Mirror/Flip, DSLR Scaling, 1/4"-20 mounts on all sides. Sounds good on paper so far, has anyone had experience with such LCD?

Available on eBay from same seller who offers the small 5" LCD (click here)

iLogos LCD HDMI MonitoriLogos Monitor LCD
find-price-button 7" LCD HDMI Monitor with Peaking Focus Assist False Color

16 thoughts on “iLogos 7 Inch LCD Field Monitor

  1. TW

    Thank for your sharing.
    Please kindly note that his monitor was not made by liliput.

  2. Lainol

    A little offtopic, sorry.

    Can this monitors output the hdmi signal thru the composite connector?

    If yes.. is it better than the canon's composite cable (rca)?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Eric - Have you tried turning off all of the overlays (hit the INFO button a few times). When the information is on, sometimes the video output does not use the full screen.

  4. Eric

    Sorry, by "cameras" above I mean monitors. Wondering if monitors with a 5DmkII crop mode will work with the 7D.

  5. Eric

    The important thing that I'd like to know is this: do these cameras that offer a "5DmkII mode" to "zoom" the image to fill the screen instead of showing the letterboxing also work with the 7D?

    The 7D does NOT drop resolutions when you start recording. It continues outputting 1080i constantly. But it's stil letterboxed top, botton, left and right. Does the 5DmkII mode solve this?

  6. @David, Yes, getting a Monitor that is HD is better then an SD one imo. Even though the resolution drops once you start recording, it's much easier to focus before you start recording on a HD monitor then a SD monitor.

  7. Tony

    You sure this is a lilliput rebrand? I've been in contact with a Chinese monitor maker and they said they were bring a new killer monitor to market. He sent me sample photos a while back...I'd have to dig them up to see it its the same layout. Nice features though. Was hoping for a $250ish price point when I clicked the link.

  8. Mav

    I'm sure this is a knock-off of something else, much like everything in our industry.

    To Marco....Ikan doesn't seem to make any of their own equipment (screens, lights, etc.) and just rebrand and mark up 300%.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @David - There are some monitors that will compensate for the drop in resolution. They often advertise this as a feature for the 5D Mark II (it also drops resolution). Those monitors will help to use more of the screen area up and some will keep the video feed going without dropping out to black for a second or two.

  10. David

    Hey Emm, I have a 60d, does it matter what kind of monitor I get if it steps it down to 480p when I hit record?

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