13 thoughts on “Proaim e-Focus Electronic Follow Focus

  1. Arseny Sentiakov

    I got an awful experience with proaim too... For this price it's not a worthy thing. If only I knew about KeyEasyFocus by k-devices before buying it! Now using it almost every time shooting some projects.

    If you need a review, you can find it here httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkR-NJpFKxA

  2. Ian Nguyen

    I had just a terrible experience with Proaim. They sent defected product and refused to send me the replacement.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Keenan - Yup saw it all, and we'll have some interviews up soon about these products. They make good quality stuff but was always out of most consumer prices. For some reason, they've really lowered all the pricing on their equipment, so it's getting to be at a more reasonable price point.

  4. Keenan

    Emm, did you get to check out Edelkrone's cool new FFs at NAB. https://www.edelkrone.com/
    They put the marking disc on the gear that rests against the lens instead of with the nob. So it faces the camera operator and your markers wont be affected by backlash. Pretty simple idea. The price seems alright too.

    there's another version that brings the focus control down to the handle check out the video really interesting! https://vimeo.com/40545440

    I'm hoping that the build quality is good on these. and am wondering if you got a chance to play with the them up close.

  5. Joop

    Two rc servomotors, a little bit of gear and mount and two servotester. It seems to me a little bit overpriced and due to the nature of RC servos the movements won´t be very fluid, i guess.....

  6. Uncle Manny

    An overly complicated, miss-mash of bulky parts that is destined to get all sorts of things caught in the mechanics. Why would anyone spend $500 to (possibly) focus from directly behind a camera. Simply put-- this is an inane, useless conglomeration that needs to be completely rethought and (possibly)re-engineered to have a viable place or marketability.

    Obviously, Neil and I agree!

  7. Neil

    I wouldn't go near this thing if you paid me. Key word here is PROAIM... meaning you spend some money, get your product and it falls apart in the first month and when you go to contact them, get a refund etc. suddenly their customer service goes out the window.

    Buy cheap, buy twice. Especially when it comes to Proaim/Cinecity garbage.

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