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Look what the cat dragged in. Anyone else get theirs yet? I'm a bit tied up today, but i'll try to get something together before the weekend. I'm interested to see if anything has been changed in the hardware or software since the prototype. If your new and a bit clueless to what this is, you can find an older article about this Swivi here: https://cheesycam.com/swivi-5-6-lcd-now-available/.

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  1. Henny Schouten

    Hi . I have Swivi External monitor . ( for my Canon 5ds)
    The MINI HDMI cable is broke . The monitor go´s Off and On.
    I like to replace this Flex HDMI cable , but I can´t find nothing on the Net , to
    order one,
    Can you help my out .

    Regards , Henny

  2. Hi Peeps,

    I juz got mine last Monday.

    Man, this Swivi is great!

    Right out of the box, fix it up on my 60D. And it is amazing. How much I appreciate the visuals on the 5.6" screen. MAN !!!

    Will put it into a good use next weekend.

    Will keep a look-out for the batteries issues.

  3. Jerry

    @Sadry, I made the owner aware of the issue with his battery pack that was shipped with. DON'T use the AAA battery pack, they solder a few connection wrong hence why it killed two of my Canon batteries, and they sent me two replacement batteries, the replacement was NOT canon, but freakin knock off brand.

    I have sold it and is saving up for a DP6 or the more expensive 7" Marshall monitor.

    Save your money for a better brand and dont spent twice and your time.

  4. Sadry

    @Jerry hey man,thanx for the details,did you have any feedback concerning your issues with the batteries?I have the same problem.Peace.

  5. Jerry

    Ok, first I ordered the product and can't wait to use it. A few days later I see on Amazon it went from $330 to $289..WTF! So I emailed and they said they would refund once I'm ok'd with the item..what does that mean. See as if they know the item will be no good.

    Received it in the mailed today, and was very excited to open it. I even bring my camera with me to work. Open and read the instruction, I didnt bring an extra LP-E6 battery and went ahead used the AAA batteries, inserted it. Attempted to power it on, NOTHING! Check the batteries to be sure + and - are in the correct order. Inserted the battery pack again..a few mins later, smell something burning. Took out the battery pack, it was hot as hell, almost burn me. Ok, I took out my LP-E6 battery from my camera and inserted in to the monitor, no power at all. Put the LP-E6 back to my camera, WTF, no power to the camera, so now I'm down an LP-E6 battery for my camera. Before putting the battery to the monitor it said it has about 70% battery life left on the camera.

    Came home, and I tested with another LP-E6 (charged full power), monitor doesnt power on. Put the 2nd battery on the camera, no power, so now i'm down two LP-E6 batteries.

    I went ahead and put 6 new AAA batteries, inserted, a few mins later, before I get a chance to take it out, it exploded. They sent me a bad monitor or something not ground or wired correctly, you paid $330, you would think it work right off after you open it. Instead I lost two LP-E6 batteries, I only got one left for my 5D mark 2.

    I'm contacting them to send me another one that work and I doubt they will pay for my two LP-E6 batteries.

  6. Awesome discussions everyone. I was curious if anyone has yet asked or thought about the weight with the battery of this Swivi Monitor. I think this is a great accessory, super intelligent design simply due to the fact that HDMI cables pop out if the cord is being stretch. Having this cable coiled up between the units really means no worries. I want to pick a few up for a few cameras we have but I am curious how side heavy this thing is. If your using the camera is it pulling to the left all the time, whats it like to hold, how ergonomic is it? Any thoughts or information would be rad. Thanks!

  7. Derek

    After messing around with the Swivi for a few days, I don't think it's the right fit for me. It makes my rig feel awkward and out of balance.

    I had such high hopes, but I think in the end, a monitor on an arm is the most flexible option for the type of work I do. I did really like the peaking. It was comparable to my Marshall monitor.

  8. nate

    @mcg i hope so, i bought it in hopes to use it on mine. it looks like you would just need the correct hdmi cables and connections to string it together. but don't quote me because i haven't tried it yet.

    and has anyone else run into the, "lost signal error" like i have? because it always helps in getting things fixed if more than one person is having the same problem. is anyone else out there having this issue or is it just me?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @HA1 @Derek - Yes you can plug the audio in between. There is indeed a space, even for Canon cameras. I have an older video here: httpss://cheesycam.com/swivi-hdmi-lcd-canon-5dm2-battery-grip-rode-vmp/

  10. HA1

    @Derek. I mail Swivi and Tim answers me that about audio connection (mic) and usb:
    "There is a gap between swivi and your camera, which you can install your micro phone and usb cable, thanks."
    Where is the truth ?

  11. Derek

    Just received mine, a day early, to my surprise.

    Haven't had a chance to connect it yet, but my initial impression is that the build is decent. I think if you dropped it, it'd be toast, but we're all careful with our gear, aren't we?

    The hinge is solid, almost difficult to turn. This is great though, since it's pretty obvious that this thing isn't going to tilt over while shooting.

    The sun hood goes on and off extremely easy and provides a decent amount of shade for the screen.

    Everything seems to be well documented in the manual, although others have reported the menus to work in reverse of what the manual describes.

    I'm thinking that it may have to do with the direction that you've got the monitor set to. If it's flipped out, then everything may be "upside down" to how the manual describes it. If it's flat against the back of your camera, it may be exactly as noted in the manual. I haven't tested this theory, but it's what I'm sticking to for now.

    There are no audio in/outs on the side of the unit, only the single HDMI type C connection. So if you have a microphone that needs to be plugged into the side of the camera, you'll be unable to use it with the Swivi. Same goes for trigger/shutter release timers.

  12. nate

    hey sorry for the late reply, i haven't been home in a few days. but to answer everyone's questions yes it does record in full wide screen mode. meaning when i push record it does not change to standard def framing. the peaking works great and it is green.
    my complaints are that the controls are counter intuitive. turning the mount screw left will tighten the camera to the lcd. also when navigating the menu pushing the wheel up will take you down and vice versa. it eats through batts fairly quick but it seems reasonable for the size of the screen. i used it on a job and from time to time it would tell me that it had lost hdmi signal when it was securely plugged in. but over all i'd give it 7 out of 10 because when shooting sdof the peaking is a life saver.

  13. Leo

    @ Barry i was hoping the same thing - so is it confirmed now that this monitor doesnt rescale the 480p image to full screen? i'm waiting for a short video review by 5d/t2i users 🙂

  14. Barry Sanders

    I understand the technical limitations of the resolution drop while recording on certain Canon cameras. Some external monitors try to compensate for it by enlarging the 480p image to full screen while recording. I was just hoping this was one of them.

  15. Verm

    @Leo you're right, I didn't think about that position, it should work! I just wonder how the screen performs with angles of view. On cheaper screens, the angle you watch it drastically affects contrast and brightness. You might have to keep it at eye level.

  16. i just got one, i love the focus peaking and seems a bit easier to get good focus during long wedding events, also great for a swivel screen for my 5D, i do have azacuto zfinder though, maybe ill put that on my 60d? hmm

  17. Verm

    @Leo Mounting a LCD monitor on the TOP part of a stabilizer is a NIGHTMARE, you'll have to constantly recalibrate your rig for every little change you make to the angle of the screen. I strongly recommend mounting a monitor on the bottom part of your HD-1000, but I don't think the Swivi is the right tool for that. I have a Lilliput 7" on the bottom of a HD-4000 with a 7D + grip + Canon 10-22mm on top and had a hard time getting it correctly balanced because the weight of the screen was more than what was needed on the bottom stage to counter-balance the camera, so you may face balance issues...

  18. Leo

    also, whats the weight of this unit? i'm thinking about mounting it on my glidecam hd-1000, but it might be a bit of an overload if it weighs much more than 1 pound.

  19. I have a Jag35 monitor for my T2i and am looking to upgrade myself. I'd be interested in a comparison as well. Does the Swivi do blue-only for proper setup? I'd want something more reliable for color on set as well as focus. The 7" Jag35 (Lilliput?) monitor is nice and large, but color & contrast are a bit off.

    Thanks Emm!


    I thought I would try to answer a few questions based on my research and observations. I don't have this unit, and I'll let you know why.

    -The battery hatch CAN still be opened with either a battery grip, or without.
    -When you record, monitors do not typically show HD, nor full screen, this is a software issue internally from Canon. You will get full screen monitoring prior to recording, though on this unit, the "full screen" doesn't expand all the way across the screen, according to the product expo video.

    Unless anyone can tell me otherwise, monitoring on 5DII Magic Lantern still has issues, so any external monitor is more of a hassle than a blessing. Someone please prove me wrong.

  21. andre

    hi emm

    if you test this, could you please do a short compare to one of those 7" lilliput lcd pannels? i own a 7d and think of buying an external lcd and i'm not sure which one i should get... the lilliput is availabel here in europe, the swivi not now...

    many thanks

  22. I have two questions. Can the battery door still be opened? How much extra height does this add (worried about the follow focus reaching the gears)?

  23. Barry Sanders

    Does the monitor take up the full width of the screen when "recording" with a 5D2, T2i, T3i, or 60D?

  24. Leo

    hey nate, does this monitor show a full screen picture in recording mode using the 5d? i got a t2i, and i think it should work the same way as the 5d when using this monitor.

  25. nate

    i got mine today. i shot with it all day on my 5d and the peaking feature is great. except that i get an error from time to time saying that it has lost signal even though it is securely plugged in. if i reboot a few times it usually fixes the problem.

  26. Tron

    Ordered mine yesterday, can't wait to try it out. Seems like a decent price for the features. Interested to see if the peaking mode helps pull focus reliably.

  27. Austin

    Also if you could see if it their are any problems when using vintage lenses using adapters that would be great because that's all I use, thanks!

  28. Carlos

    Guys please see if you can view the entire width of the shot without having to compress the sides. That was the only reason I did not get it.


  29. Emm

    Post author

    @John Garcia - Darn, i'm a bit tied up. Sounds like you'll have a review out before me. Let me know if you have something online.

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