Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2

About a year ago I started testing out the Asus WiCast HD Streaming device to see if it can be used with DSLRs. When we visited NAB2011 in April this year (old video above), we found quite a few people using the Asus as a budget means to stream HD Video remotely. We had the chance to check out Jag35's booth and Wireless follow focus system. Hands down the most affordable follow focus system on the market.

Check out the video at 1:42 where Jehu pulls out a Steadicam Merlin with a GH2 streaming HD video to another monitor through an Asus Wicast. The Wireless FF can be controlled remotely while the operator moves around. Very much the set up i'm working on with a larger Steadicam rig. There's one major problem so far, and it's because Jag35 no longer has their Wireless Follow Focus kit available. They have been working on Version 2, which in my eyes means 'better'. Jag35 just sent me this twitter message today, so hopefully i'll get a chance to show the new V2 prototype at work on my WFF Steadicam project.


I'm pretty excited to test this whole thing out. For more updates like this make sure you're following me on Twitter, and also following Jag35. If you don't require a Wireless Follow Focus, Jag35 also has a handle style remote (which can be mounted to a rig handle) to control the motorized FF. Check out the products at their website https://Jag35.com

Jag35 Handle Remote and Follow Focus

7 thoughts on “Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2

  1. sciencechicago

    NEVER ORDER FROM JAG35 if you need something on a deadline. This is honestly my first posting on a topic ever on forums but I am beyond appalled by the lack of customer service from this company.

    Mirzha will lie to you until you order it and tell you it will arrive on time and then once you order it they won't ship it to arrive in the time you need it to. Then they will tell you there is nothing they can do. It's a complete joke of a company when it comes to customer service. I've ordered many items online from other small companies and have never come across such terrible customer service. Even speaking to her supervisor does no good. He literally told me "I've had things come late and it's not the end of the world." He clearly hasn't ever been on a production. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE AND AVOID THIS COMPANY.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Micahel - Hopefully i'll see the new V2 soon. No word on pricing yet, but the earlier model was very affordable.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - Let's hope so. Right now i'm planning on using it where the audio will be entirely replaced, like a music video. So i'm not too worried about the noise, I just need something affordable.

  4. Micahel

    I know a big complaint with the version they have now was the insane level of noise making it unusable if your sound guy was within 10-15 feet of it regardless of capture method.

    Hopefully that's something that's dialed down in V2

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