Asus WiCast – It’s alive…..It’s alive!!!

Well, I knew the Asus WiCast wasn't very demanding in Voltage or Amperage. Grabbed a couple of electronic battery boxes that hold 4 AA batteries to add up to around 6volts, cut the wire off the power adapter, and i'm in business. I had a feeling it didn't need to be a perfect 5Volts and the 4 AA's that up to 6V probably can't sustain that voltage anyhow. How long is the run-time? Not sure yet, just testing things out, but very happy that i'm on my way to some DIY HD Streaming video action. The original article posted here:

[Update Video]

find-price-button ASUS WiCast Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver

27 thoughts on “Asus WiCast – It’s alive…..It’s alive!!!

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  2. Hey thanks for the review! Been researching on this for awhile. This is not available in Singapore, so this video helps alot on some issues i am concern about. Few questions

    -Hows the range and will it lag if it is transmitted few rooms away?

    -Is it possible to have the live view on the camera body while transmitting?


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Simon - I think that only changes the Volts, but not change the Amperage. The amps are basically how much it can feed consistently. Each battery has a certain amount and when there is several of them in a certain way, increases that mah.

  4. K Z

    @Evolution Wedding
    Do you know for sure if both the transmitter and the receiver can be powered by USB? I haven't yet gotten my unit yet and I just wanted to make sure that BOTH units could be powered by usb before i buy two of the emergency usb backup battery packs.


  5. Hey Emm, don't know if you tried this yet, but do you know if the Wicast transmitter can transmit to MULTIPLE receivers? The idea being xmit from the cam to a larger set monitor, director's monitor and maybe even wireless 1stAC monitor for follow focus?

    Just thinking out loud!

  6. DigiFilmaker

    That USB powerpack is interesting. Nice and compact. Curious how to get a cord to go from USB to the Wi-Cast. I just got my Wi-Cast I would like to make it Battery Powered too.

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  8. Were you able to power the receiver with the 4x AA battery pack? I was playing with it and noticed that that its picky when comes to power it doesn't like the 8V from the LP_E6 battery, so after some more testing I figure out that it must be exactly 5V for the receiver, the transmitter doesn't really care 4v-9v is ok but receiver must get 5V, Our regulator found on our step cables works because its adjustable, so if anyone needs to power the receiver of batteries let me know I can help make a cable.

  9. Hey there,

    Thanks loads for doing the test. Technically should work with the GH2 as well, right? This really helped a lot! Been looking for a cheaper alternative for a director's monitor/ focus puller.

    How far can you go before the signal drops?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott - I'll get to cranes soon. Surprised nobody noticed the Cinevate slider off to the side. I borrowed that for a recent project, and damn that thing is smooth.

  11. Scott

    Sorry but the jib/crane was totally more interesting than wireless for me at the moment. Details on jib/crane?

  12. Chris Wilmshurst

    @Emm I've researched into B-Hague, Kessler, ProAim and ProArm.

    Can't decide which to get though.

  13. Chris Wilmshurst

    Nice find, but I'm more interested in the Jib/Crane.

    Are you planning on doing any videos on them?

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