DIY Streaming HD Video Ouput Wirelessly to Remote Monitor

Since the announcement of Teradek's Cube which streams HD Video wirelessly to pretty much any device you can think of including the iPhone and iPad, people have been trying to find their own solutions to stream video to a remote monitor. Teradek offers many modular pieces with their products along with many more features than to just stream video, but that all comes to several thousands of dollars. Not to mention with all the abilities it can provide, can also provide more configurations to worry about. Some articles surfaced the web regarding a few 'options' that might help people achieve streaming HD video to a monitor without breaking the bank. These are also very dumbed down solutions that do exactly what they say they do - stream HD Video. The two popular HD Wireless Streaming solutions are made from Asus and Brite-View. For Asus they have an item called the 'WiCast', and for Brite-View they offer an 'Air SyncHD' and 'HDelight'. From other reviews the units functioned pretty much equally and I picked up the Asus solely on the size and look of the units. The Asus WiCast is extremely lightweight, feels almost hollow, and all plastic. The lightweight is actually an advantage if I plan to mount this onto the hotshoe of my camera, or somewhere on a shoulder rig, but also means I shouldn't be throwing it around. With new EVF's (electronic view finders) with HDMI pass throughs making their way into the marketplace, this would be a great solution to use an EVF while streaming video out wirelessly for someone else to monitor, or even pull focus.

Teradek Cube - Wireless HD Video Streaming

The Asus WiCast comes with both a transmitter and receiver that creates it's own little ad-hoc network to each other. The time it takes to sync together is fairly quick, possibly under 10 seconds once they are both powered on. The video streams are fast, and I notice no latency or dropped frames. I haven't tested range yet, and i'll re-post when that's up. They both come with an AC adapter (exact same adapter for each) that supplies 5 volts to the unit. This low voltage and low amperage requirement means a DIY battery pack, or an already existing battery pack to power them up would be easy to find. Most people aren't ready for streaming video to a remote monitor wirelessly, but by knowing how you can achieve these same results for several times less than high end solutions, maybe this will open up some creative possibilities with your video. A few things that come to mind is to stream the GoPro HD Hero video, or even extending the reach of a monitor on a long Video Crane.

find-price-button ASUS WiCast Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver

28 thoughts on “DIY Streaming HD Video Ouput Wirelessly to Remote Monitor

  1. Iyke

    Is there any AV wireless transmitter Like the HDMI transmitter that can be used to transmit videos from several cameras into our video mixer to obtain a mixed output and still retain its quality? Instead of using wires to connect from the cameras to the mixer,
    Madu Iyke from Nigeria

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Johann - Yes you should be able to split the signal with a good splitter, but you can't have the DSLR LCD on at the same time the HDMI is in use.

  4. Johann

    Hi! Is i possible to use this unit in combination with an lilliput monitor? with a HD splitter, this should be possible? So thay you have one image in the lilliput and one image on the monitor with the streamed image

    - Johann

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Hmm..never thought of that. It creates an ad-hoc network as a pair. I don't think they would conflict with each other because they are used for in home use. They had to have thought that someone might want two in their house..

  6. Alex

    What would happen with a 2 camera 5D mark ii scenario where you use 2 of these units. Do they have the same frequency and will they jam each other or they have switchable frequencies. Maybe each unit has its distinct frequency ? Dont know but, would be great for wireless video village.

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    Asus WiCast – It’s alive…..It’s alive!!! » CheesyCam

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    Asus WiCast – It’s alive…..It’s alive!!! » CheesyCam

  9. Trevor

    Hey Emm,

    I did a little research and came up with these as possible ideas for batteries. The first one is super cheap, it takes AA rechargeable batteries and outputs 5 Volts via USB. The second one is a lithium battery pack that also outputs 5V via USB or power connector. The main question is how long would either of these power each unit. If they work well, you could probably just Velcro them to the unit. The only other thing you'd need is some sort of camera mounting adapter on the other side so you can put it on your hot shoe or an articulating arm.

    Incidentally, Brite-view, the other company that makes the HDMI transmitter, said on Cinema5D that they are working on a version specifically for DSLRs that will be powered via the HDMI port, with camera mounting ability.

  10. Serge

    I actually like this setup, but the guy I mention also sells the usint to be used with a Marshall monitor.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - I just like the big big view of a TV, but it's not easy to travel with. I just use it in a studio setting. I got the 720 display because the camera's don't always output in 1080 and it's sharp enough to frame and focus. Exposure and color is another story, you can't rely on many TV's for that without first calibrating.

  12. Rabby

    Thanks this is awesome I am getting one. On the other hand still trying to find that Vizio monitor can't find it.


  13. O'Ryan

    @Emm, True, but many of the DSLRs don't output HD while recording anyways. It could be a cheap solution to get an SD set... but then again the HD solutions are getting so cheap might as well spend the extra cash.

  14. No Ipad streaming ?
    No computer connection ??
    Looks good but feels pretty limited.
    For what is does, I think a 40 feet long hdmi cable is just better and cheaper.

  15. surami

    Hi Emm!

    Great solution. I've a question according to this stuff. Is there any delay? I can't get it on the video.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Juan - It will work, but the camera doesn't output in 1080 while recording. It will work with any hdmi device to stream the video.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @O'Ryan - very little options for HDMI or just HD streaming. Most of those are just standard def.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge, I've been following his stuff, but doesn't look like it supports an HD stream. Not that all the cameras work in HD during recording, but outside of dslrs this might be needed.

  19. Hey Emm,

    I swear you are a life saver!!! I was actually trying to figure out a solution for streaming from my 7D to a portable monitor. I just purchased a Kessler Crane for some jib shots. This just might work. Do you know if this will work with the iPad? Probably not but I thought I'd ask anyway:) Save me some money purchasing a monitor. Would you recommend going with the Lilliput monitor? Is the monitor your using in this vid a good choice also? And if so is there a link to this one? Thanks...

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