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Jag35 has got a new LP-E6 battery mounting adapter. What is it? It's a simple way to use your existing Canon LP-E6 batteries to power up devices that use 5V-9V DC. This includes powering up your portable little HDMI monitors and even the Asus WiCast for HD Streaming (project I was working on). Oh and maybe even power up a small motor for the new slider? Hmm..They also have additional cables and regulators to step down the voltage if needed, but a complete solution based around existing rechargeable batteries you already have. It's got a standard 1/4 x 20 thread in the rear to make it easier to mount to stuff.

Apparently there's a DIY for this, and can be found through the following link posted over at cinema5d using a delkin lp-e6 battery plate: https://www.calumetphoto.com/eng/product/delkin_lpe6_charging_plates_for_universal_battery_charger/im26634

If you need more LP-E6 batteries, the best ones i've been using are these. They work on OEM chargers, show battery meters, and still rockin' to this day..

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find-price-button Canon LP-E6 Battery Decoded battery Meter works with OEM charger


Well, I knew the Asus WiCast wasn't very demanding in Voltage or Amperage. Grabbed a couple of electronic battery boxes that hold 4 AA batteries to add up to around 6volts, cut the wire off the power adapter, and i'm in business. I had a feeling it didn't need to be a perfect 5Volts and the 4 AA's that up to 6V probably can't sustain that voltage anyhow. How long is the run-time? Not sure yet, just testing things out, but very happy that i'm on my way to some DIY HD Streaming video action. The original article posted here: https://cheesycam.com/streaming-hd-video-ouput-wirelessly/

[Update Video]

find-price-button ASUS WiCast Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver


Since the announcement of Teradek's Cube which streams HD Video wirelessly to pretty much any device you can think of including the iPhone and iPad, people have been trying to find their own solutions to stream video to a remote monitor. Teradek offers many modular pieces with their products along with many more features than to just stream video, but that all comes to several thousands of dollars. Not to mention with all the abilities it can provide, can also provide more configurations to worry about. Some articles surfaced the web regarding a few 'options' that might help people achieve streaming HD video to a monitor without breaking the bank. These are also very dumbed down solutions that do exactly what they say they do - stream HD Video. The two popular HD Wireless Streaming solutions are made from Asus and Brite-View. For Asus they have an item called the 'WiCast', and for Brite-View they offer an 'Air SyncHD' and 'HDelight'. From other reviews the units functioned pretty much equally and I picked up the Asus solely on the size and look of the units. The Asus WiCast is extremely lightweight, feels almost hollow, and all plastic. The lightweight is actually an advantage if I plan to mount this onto the hotshoe of my camera, or somewhere on a shoulder rig, but also means I shouldn't be throwing it around. With new EVF's (electronic view finders) with HDMI pass throughs making their way into the marketplace, this would be a great solution to use an EVF while streaming video out wirelessly for someone else to monitor, or even pull focus.

Teradek Cube - Wireless HD Video Streaming

The Asus WiCast comes with both a transmitter and receiver that creates it's own little ad-hoc network to each other. The time it takes to sync together is fairly quick, possibly under 10 seconds once they are both powered on. The video streams are fast, and I notice no latency or dropped frames. I haven't tested range yet, and i'll re-post when that's up. They both come with an AC adapter (exact same adapter for each) that supplies 5 volts to the unit. This low voltage and low amperage requirement means a DIY battery pack, or an already existing battery pack to power them up would be easy to find. Most people aren't ready for streaming video to a remote monitor wirelessly, but by knowing how you can achieve these same results for several times less than high end solutions, maybe this will open up some creative possibilities with your video. A few things that come to mind is to stream the GoPro HD Hero video, or even extending the reach of a monitor on a long Video Crane.

find-price-button ASUS WiCast Wireless HD Video Transmitter and Receiver