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Canon OEM flashes are no joke when it comes to pricing, but also no joke when it comes to features. Regardless, there's a handful of people who may never even cross those extra abilities and are just looking for a flash that works. You might have caught Aaron's review of the Yongnuo 560 at this article: http://cheesycam.com/yongnuo-560-flash-review/, but now we've got another one to add to the list. Vimeo member Rick Elrod shows a bit of the Yongnuo 468 which supports TTL communication from the Canon camera. In simple terms, the flash meters through the camera in a few different ways and makes decisions for you. This Auto Pilot feature works great and is more often what you need, and very seldom what you don't need. So for those who want to go the manual route in those rare incidents, the flash can be set all manually as well. Got questions? Send them over to Rick via the Vimeo page here. [Thanks Rick]

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  1. Jason

    Mine stopped working yesterday... Kind of crept up though because it would fire every other shot for a about a week. I thought batteries were running out. Replaced them all. Won't fire at all now. It was awesome while it worked though...

  2. We have 2 of the YN-468s and love them. Power-wise, they're about the same as the 430EXII - maybe a tiny bit less.

    We use them on remote shoots with wireless triggers (manual) but our favorite application is mounting them on a flash bracket, add a bounce (like the Lumiquest) and shoot TTL. This is the perfect setup for random run-n-gun stuff like wedding receptions, parties, etc.

    VERY pleased with the build quality, features and battery life. They fire every time and they're consistent too.

    Used on Canon 60D, XSi and XT. No problems at all.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @xelerate - For the people I know who use Yongnuo it has not happened. I personally have a collection of many Canon 580 EX II flashes. It's possible to burn out any flash, even Canon's if you don't follow the directions in the manual. Portable flashes are small, lightweight, and powerful, but they all have their limits and you just need to respect them.

  4. xlerate


    I came back to this article to get some last minute info befor 'pulling he trigger' and am now wondering if I should hold off.

    Have you had any of the above mentioned issues with your Yongnuo flashes? The stopped working bit?

  5. bill

    Thanks for your reply Emm. That's how I was configured, but unfortunately I couldn't get them to fire.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @bill - I have not used that setup, but you would basically just put your flash in Manual mode and nothing special. You don't have to set it to slave or anything.

  7. bill

    I recently acquired two yongnuo 560's with two RF-602 wireless flash triggers and receivers. I tested the flashes on camera to verify they work. No problems there. I mounted the 600tx on my Canon 60D hot shoe and the 602rx receivers on the 560's. Everything hooked up correctly according to the manufacturers directions. However, nothing happens. Checking my camera's flash control menu external flash sub menu brings up the message "Incompatible flash or flash power turned off." Any ideas?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - Thanks. Looks like 'partial' compatibility. Looks like it should be fine in manual modes, which is still a nice flash for portraits.

  9. rob

    too bad this flash has potential defects. right when i get enough money to buy now i'm second guessing. where is the manufactures company website where you can order from them - scared i won't get a warrenty if my flash poops out from an ebayer.

  10. I have this flash too, and of course like many others, it stopped firing. I've come across two posts on flickr, that mention a capacitor issue. So I'm going to open mine up and change the capacitor to see if that fixes it.
    Let's see what happens.

  11. I agree with Rick about the stops working part. I had the YN560 for about 3 months. Fired its last flash about 2 weeks ago and will not fire any more. everything looks/sounds fine so maybe its the bulb. but Yongnuo couldnt help bc i didnt buy direct, and the ebay seller is unresponsive...

    if you're okay with being ready to buy a new yongnuo flash every few months, it works great while it does work. still not sure what route to take now.

  12. Rick

    Hey Guys,
    About a month after I made this review video, the flash just stopped working. I tried to troubleshoot the problem online and found that alot of other people have experienced the same problem with this flash. It worked great for about 2 months, then all of a sudden it just stopped working. It will fire very randomly maybe once out of 20 shots.

    So I DO NOT recommend buying this flash. Also since it was purchased on ebay and is from China there isn't much I can do as far as a warranty.

    Sorry If I got your hopes up on what seemed to be a nice product.

  13. mike

    slightly off topic, but those of you who use YN flashes with canon, I was wondering if theres a way to use the YN602 trigger on a 550D with live view? is there a hotshoe adapter out there that the 550D will detect as a canon flash then attach the YN602 ontop of that?

  14. Guillermo

    I bought one and have used it for a variety of live events in TTL mode. It work pretty good. Maybe the output its not perfectly consistent and the build quality is very cheap, but it does the job.

  15. Harlan

    Im sold. Ordered one. Wifey was going to get me a Canon Speedlite for Christmas but for what I do, I think this is ideal and will save me money. Hmmm...Maybe one of those Wide angle lenses...

  16. Rick

    I have tested the flash with the 7D and it worked fine. I also tested the flash on slave mode, with the 580EX as the master. The 580EX did trigger the YN468 to fire as long as it was in sight.
    I have also used the flash with the Yongnuo RF-602 flash trigger and it worked flawlessly up to about 100ft.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Gio - Should work fine, it's a generic flash. You can't fire it off camera with the 7D's built in transmitter though. Just a basic flash on the camera hotshoe will fire it off.

  18. Gio

    I looked everywhere but cannot find a definitive answer whether or not this flash will work with the Canon 7D.
    will it? I need to have something better than the built-in flash and also to work with my Tokina superwide.
    On the eBay auction I found the offering that says it is 7D compatible, however, once I look at the actual description on the offering it does not mention the 7D... can you please clarify?

  19. Emm

    Post author

    Should work as a normal flash when mounted on Camera and communicate TTL. You won't be able to fire this flash remotely (off camera) with the built in transmitter from a 7D or 60D. If you want to fire this flash remotely off camera, you can start with the Yongnuo RF-602 found here: httpss://cheesycam.com/my-wireless-triggers-are-in/

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Neil - LOL, yes but the 580 EX II again has many different features most people don't use. The 580 EX II has a larger capacitor, can use an external power source, can be used as both a Master to trigger other flashes, and slave to be fired from a transmitter, can communicate ETTL over infrared including High Speed Sync, etc. etc.

    Again, if you're just looking for a flash to be used on the camera, or through an extension cord, the Yongnuo's are a good start.

  21. Neil

    Quite the price difference from a 580 EX... Now the big question is, does this puppy work on a Canon 60D????

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