Yongnuo 560 Flash Review

Aaron mentioned he received the Yongnuo 560 Flash for off camera use, and threw up a demo video. From the information in the video, i'm pretty impressed. This YN-560 version doesn't support TTL, but when using my Yongnuo RF-602 triggers, I'm using my flashes all manually anyways. I can see event photographers using these either on light stands or clamped around the ceiling to get some extra light into a dim lit event. Especially since they are fairly cheap, I wouldn't be as worried about damage or theft leaving them around. I'm totally paranoid just throwing my Canon 580 EX II's in places that seem 'untrustworthy'. I guess I found my backup solution. Thanks Aaron, for the demo on these inexpensive Yongnuo YN-560 flashes.

Yongnuo YN-560 Camera Flash

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  1. Bill Trip

    Sooo.how do I set up my T3i to use this bloody thing. I can't find any tutorial online to follow. Can someone help me?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @nick shand - The only problem I see is the cheaper triggers will not support HSS. For sports photography you might want to shoot faster than a 1/200th-1/250th shutter speed. Look back on some of your photos, read the exif info and check to see what you're shooting at.

    To shoot with HSS off camera, you'll need a better set of triggers, like the Radio Popper PX stuff.

  3. nick shand

    Hey,awesome review,quick question. I'm looking at an off camera set up for use in agressive inline photography. Will I have to do anything special to trigger these by triggers or not?

    I'm using a Nikon D3100,and want to set off my flash in a different position,while still using my camera's flash. I'll purely be using the flashgun,as background/Fill Light.

    PLEASE Get back to me ASAP.

  4. pedro

    i just bought this flash and it is great, it is far more powerfull than my sb600 i used it on a t2i and on a d80 all manual but for 68 dollars on amazon.com you cant go wrong it is simply amazing

  5. Tosh

    Hey Emm, I'll see what I can do. All I did was adjust the 603 trigger on the hotshoe of the GH2. The trigger has to sit in the perfect spot where it communicates with the second trigger and the "lightning bolt" in the GH2 appears on screen.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Tosh - Sorry didn't have time to look into it. Anything special you had to do? Care to post a video on any changes you had to make?

  7. Tosh

    Hey Emm, I got the 560 and the 603 triggers...can't seem to get it to work with GH2. If I manually click the triggers - the flash fires, but not from the shutter button of the GH2. Is it a setting or just not possible? Thanks!! Love the site, keep it up!!

  8. Kenswift

    I got this flash from my wife for Christmas and I couldnt be happier. For the non-professional like myself, this is the perfect fit. I love this flash!

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  10. rob

    Yo Emm when ur not too busy you mind running down differences between the YN models? What has worked for you what hasn't? thannks!

  11. One dropped through about 4 a.m. central time with no bids at $63. There was no reserve, so you might be able to catch an auction and pick it up for less than $86.

    I'm just trying to figure out a similar Yongnuo flash with TTL.

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