Cheap Quick Release Adapter + QR Plate

Quick release adapter questions are always coming in, and I really have no answer except for the Manfrotto RC2, 357, or 577. They aren't cheap, but if you're already using a ton of Manfrotto products these adapters might work into your workflow.

find-price-button Manfrotto 323 RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter with 200PL-14 Quick Release Plate - Replaces 3299 (Black)

find-price-button Manfrotto 357 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate 357PL - Replaces 3273

find-price-button Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter w/Sliding Mounting Plate (3433PL)

Ok, so I did some additional searching and found this new QR adapter. I actually ordered it a while back, but it took it's time getting here. I didn't wanna talk about it until I knew the real build quality. Oh how many items go unsaid on this blog, you have no idea. Now that it's in my hands, it's actually very nice, and i'm ready to share this one to you guys. It's a solid metal build all the way around with two bubble levels. The whole adapter is a fairly thin profile and comes with a snappy spring loaded release clip. Careful, when you lock the plate in place, that clip snaps back pretty quick. I caught my finger on it and it's pretty strong. It's a wide base, and I use it to cover the entire base of my battery grip. I find it feels like a more solid mount this way, but if you're not using a battery grip, you may want to use it the long direction to get to your battery compartment. It's a very nice and cheaper solution than those Manfrotto adapters, especially for all the stabilizers and other DIY projects you might be working on.

find-price-button Cheap Quick Release Adapter + Quick Release Plate

46 thoughts on “Cheap Quick Release Adapter + QR Plate

  1. Damn I need to buy 3 quick release plates + adapter. manfrotto 394 sounds like the best choice but spending 150 euros is hard right now... Too bad these cheap ones aren't available anymore.

  2. kalani


    It seems that the cheap quick release adapter is no more available...
    Furthermore, the manfrotto 323 's bottom is not flat (there is a screw), so it is perfect to use with a flycam nano.
    Manfrotto 394 is very expensive.
    So, do you have an idea? Which is the best quick release adapter to work with a flycam nano without spending 50$?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel H. - Yes that's the correct 'plate' for the 717, but does not include a Quick Release adapter. Some people are looking for the adapter to be able to move the camera from Fluid head to shoulder rig or crane.

  4. Daniel H.

    First of all, thanks for all of the amazing info on this site! I'm just about to purchase a Canon 60D, and I've been inspired with all kinds of ideas for DIY rigs. 🙂

    @Justin - I've been wondering the same thing about QR plates for the 717AH, and after a quick Google search, I found these:

    I'm not sure if they're made by the company that makes the fluid head, but Amazon says that people buy the head and plates together, so perhaps these will work. Plus they're super cheap (<$20)!

  5. To echo what Alksion said, anyone know if these are popping up anywhere besides the link provided here. Been sold out there for a bit now and am really wanting to get my hands on some of these.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Justin - Havent found one that works directly. You'd be mounting a qr adapter onto the qr plate of the 717.

  7. Justin

    Will this quick release plate mount to the Weingfeng WF-717A Fluid Head (which I bought, thanks to your recommendation, it is very nice)?

    If not, do you know of a quick release plate that could be used with the WF-717A Fluid Head?

    Thank you

  8. oh, sorry, I see... it seems it doesn't even have a thread, I'm supposed to use flat headed screw and a bolt! I'm not sure this will work in all cases, and I wanted to buy a bunch of them so I ALWAYS use the same plate and adapter, on every piece of equipment, so I think I'll go for something more standard

    there's 4 of them right now on ebay, if anybody is interested

  9. Hi, one question, to anyone who has one of these:

    Looking at the pics, I see that the thread on the bottom part is offset a few mm above the base. Will I be able to mount this on top of a tripod, monopod, shoulder support, etc., that has a standard 1/4 screw that is just long enough to attach a camera?

    If it is 3/8 instead of 1/4 (not sure), I'd be using one of these:

  10. Jeff


    I was able to pick one of these up last month and it seems to work great for only $20... It took a little while to attach it but it was well worth the money... I just bought another one as it seems they have some more listed up today...

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Alksion - Yes it would be very easy to mount it to the Opteka. Just a straight bolt through the top.

  12. Alksion

    I am with Janssen, I am looking for these plates as well.

    Would it easy to mount this on the Opteka cxs-1?

  13. Janssen

    The listing for the "Cheap Quick Release Adapter + Quick Release Plate" is sold out/missing. Where can I find this metal adapter with the level on amazon or ebay? Thanks!

  14. Patrick Kun

    I just got $20 cheap QR plate above that you posted but the problem is that I don't know how to mount this to my JAG35 field runner rig because it has built in bolt on the rig. How do I attach this on? Any suggestion on how to mount this to Glidecam and the field runner? I know I need to buy some screw but the rig already has a built in screw which is very short and I don't know how it is possible to attach. Thank you.

  15. Great stuff! I've been looking for some QR's for some of my DIY ventures, these would go perfectly. I think I'll order a couple now, hopefully they get to SA by february! 😛

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - one thing to keep in mind that when adding weights to the top, it's not just about the weight itself. The higher away that 'weight' is placed from the gimbal, the more effect it will have. A Rode microphone next to the gimbal won't be as bad as a Rode Mic on top of the camera, even though it's the same weight. Same basic idea about moving the sled up and down by just millimeters. I your camera is sitting high from the stage because of those plates, it's affecting the balance not because of it's weight, but because you are lifting the entire camera away from that gimbal.

  17. J Toha

    Thanks for the link.

    I managed to find a Manfrotto 394 QR adapter from a 2nd-hand Zacuto Rapid Fire that I bought earlier this year. After some fiddling around, I took out the QR adapter and managed to mount it onto the Flycam. Now the Flycam nano, coupled with 394 QR and a zacuto gorilla plate (yeah I got it too along with Z-finder earlier this year, one of my biggest investment for accessories lol), man this thing is sure top heavy.

    I ended up balancing it with 8 weight pieces (max no. given to me), and even with the center knob all the way up there, it still wobbles slightly when moving. I guess I can forget about mounting a Rode videomic/Zoom H1 on the camera since I'm already using 7D + Tokina 11-16 combo. But I can proudly say I'm using a steadicam now....kinda. I'll probably try and take those plates off and just mount the 7D directly onto the flycam using the non-slip cloth you suggested and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the tips and videos. Watched the stabilizing video several times, it definitely helped me out. Sorry if I posted this comment here instead of the other Flycam thread. Just wanna maintain the continuity heh.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - You can mount directly, the QR just makes it faster to take the cam off. If the camera slips, add some grip in between the camera and stage. You can use cork or the stuff they use to line kitchen drawers. It comes in rolls and is dirt cheap. Just need a small piece to keep the camera from slipping. Check this out

  19. J Toha

    Dunno where I should post this as it's half Flycam nano and half QR question. Anyway, Emm, the Flycam Nano just arrived. The quality looks really solid.

    But the frustrating thing is that there's no instruction manual anywhere. I'm never really good with DIY stuff and seems like this thing just proves the point even further :(. A quick search on youtube does come out with a decent instruction on how to mount it. However, I almost slapped my head when I saw that the guy was using a QR plate adapter onto the Flycam Nano. Was I being naive when I thought that my Canon 7D will mount directly unto Flycam nano? I didn't see any adapter on your other Flycam + 7D video so the thought of getting one never occurred to me.

    Well the given screws are able to fit into the camera but with a slight force, the camera still rotates even after I've tightened it. Doesn't look too reliable.

    Since the cheap QR adapter is out of stock, I might have to invest in a Manfrotto one. Will those fit into the Flycam?
    Thanks again!

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  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Yiow - this is a quick release adapter option for something like a Glidecam, Flycam, DIY slider, Jib, Crane. If you're trying to mount it to an existing system like a Tripod Fluid head, you would mount this adapter to the (old) 'video plate' running a bolt from the top of the (new) quick release adapter through the (old) plate.

  22. Hey guys, I've finally received the Quick Release adapter sometime last week, and I was able to check it out last night, I am sorry to say, but I am really disappointed, the level doesn't snap back to the lock position, I have to press and wiggle the quick release template in order to get the lever sort of engaged, I finally gave up and swing the lever back manually, which kind of defeats the purpose of "quick" release. Is anybody else having this problem?

    Also, the hole at the bottom of the mounting plate is too far recessed into the plate, how am I supposed to screw that onto the tripod itself? and judging by the quick release mounting hole, it doesn't look like the mounting hole is threaded or deep enough for mounting.

  23. Finally got to opening and using the 4 adapters I bought.
    Yikes. I've got a problem. I thought these had 1/4-20 mounts on the bottom.

    While I could rig a solution for my Manfrotto tripod plate by replacing the bolt as Emm says above, that's not going to help me at all for my plate-less:

    • Monopod
    • Gini Rig
    • Flycam Nano (actually not sure on this as it's still in the box)


  24. hello ! i am looking a quick release plate/adapter for flycam nano..which one should i get? please someone specify a cheap 0ne for my's urgent.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - you need a flat head bolt to run through the quick release adapter down through the 717ah plate. add a nut under the 717ah plate. you need to take off the old 717ah screw.

  26. rabby

    Hi Emm,
    I just got the two quick release adapter and the plate in the mail looks pretty strong. I pulled out my Weingfeng tripod which I bought while ago when you mentioned. Now I have a bit problem, or maybe I m not thinking this right. How can I attach this on to this tripod. Please advice if there's a easy way.

    It's 12pm so my head's not working, lookin forward to hearing from you.


  27. Dan

    I just got two of these in the mail. They are pretty shoddy build in my opinion. How are these supposed to mount to anything without any threads on the bottom? I'm really confused.

  28. Deepak

    I'm looking for a QR that would fit on a 701HDV and my Media Cage 2. Something cheap.. any suggestions?

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Marco - Those will work for small cameras, but they are very very tiny. The shoe itself is less than 2" wide (square) and the entire unit might be under 3". It's also all plastic.

    The second link you sent was just the plate, not the adapter.

  30. When mine get here I'll run some tests with having it stacked on the 501 head quick release, as well as on the Gini and the Flycam (flycam is on it's way from India). Heck, I'll even throw one on my cheapo monopod.

  31. mojo43

    God I wish someone came up with a knock off for the Manfrotto 323 RC2!!! These things aren't cheap!

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Aaron - the plate itself will not mount to a fluid head. You can use the entire adapter onto another quick release plate if you wanted to.

  33. Aaron

    Hi Emm. Thx for this post. Mirroring what CareyD said, will the quick release plate fit into a Manfrotto quick release mount and vice versa?

  34. i use the Manfrotto 577 simply because I have two 501 fluid heads, and therefore I wanted to have quick release adapters that were compatible with the plates of the 501.

    I have them on almost everything now, they're nice and sterdy. Only problem is that bloody screw on the side... you can't put the adaptor on a flat surface, because otherwise you can't turn the screw! If anyone has a fiw for this I'll be glad...

    I also came across this one, that looks awefully similar to the 577. I asked them if it was compatible with 501 plates, but they couldn't (wouldn't) answer :

  35. Thanks for this Emm, being right now I've already got the manfrotto 501 w/plate I'm wondering about stacking this on the Manfrotto plate in which case I would just leave the receiver on the tripod. Do you also put these on your Gini rig, monopod, flycam, etc. to facilitate fast switching/mounting of the camera?

    For example, I've got a Flycam Nano on the way (ordered 2 days ago, wonder how long it will take...). Seems like I would be able to get the flycam balanced with the quick release in place, dial it all in, and then leave it ready to go on a moment's notice. Pop out of gini rig, onto flycam, and go.

    ...or doesn't it work out that way in the end?

  36. Jeff

    Have you found a quick release adapter / plate that will work with your favorite 717 and 718 video tripod heads? I want to get a bunch of those but without a quick release for my steadicam, slider, fig rig it would be a pain to use. Thanks for the help and all of your hard work.

  37. john d

    According to the title of the auction "Plate 4 Bogen + More!"
    What does that even mean?

    I see the bottom of the plate, does it mean it fits on one of bogen's head?

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