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The new ePhoto R640 18" LED Ring Light recently shared on this website had a great reception. If you were on the fence about trying one of these out, you're in luck since ePhoto has allowed us to give one away!

ephoto r640 led video ring light

The R-640 uses high quality LED bulbs with a CRI rating of 95, color temp at 5400L, and over 1670 LUX [155 FC] when tested at 3 feet. To watch our Product Overview Video and to register for this giveaway (usa residents only), check out the Swivex page (click here).

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light
Using a ring light is a great way to achieve that glamorous looks in your photo and video shoots. The light features 640 Individual LEDs which are softly diffused by the included cover. (Continue Reading..)

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light Giveaway


Here's another product Giveaway and this time it's a Diva Ring Light sponsored by the DVEStore.com. If you're not familiar with the Diva Ring light, it's a round CFL Continuous light with dimming capabilities. There's a few example videos below showcasing the product in use.

Here's an example of the Diva Ring light from YouTube member Lorenzo Pickett during a Photo session.

Here's another great video example of this Diva Ring Light from Eliu Cornielle.

Here's another very interesting BTS video showing how the Diva Ring light was used by Badmash Factory Productions

It's a pretty cool little item that can add some interesting effects to both stills and video. If you're interested in registering for the Giveaway on this item, check it out following the link below.

Diva Ring LightDiva Light CFLRing Light Photography Catch Light
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After tackling the DIY ring light project and expressing some things you need to keep in mind before starting out, it may not be for everyone. So if you're not the DIY type, here's a ring light that Serge is sharing with us through the comments. Looks like it could be something to consider. I thought i'd post a single article on it for others to get more visibility about this product. [Thanks Serge]


Beauty ring flashes are popular for photography headshots because they provide an interesting catch light in the subject's eyes. Not sure how many of you caught this video, but this was a DIY ring light I seen a while back from Flickr photos. Here's an old version of this https://www.flickr.com/photos/rodolfonovak/196220050/

Now that DSLR's are shooting HD, this project seems to have resurfaced for use with video from Vimeo member TLA Productions. It's a simple design that anyone with a bit of electrical knowledge might be able to tackle, but if your clumsy or clueless, then you can probably just build out the basics and ask an electrician to finish the wiring. Shouldn't be more than a few bucks, and a couple of hours and would be great for Photos or even a Photo booth project too. It's going to provide a much different look than smaller LED ring lights. The bigger your light source, the softer the light and it really shows when used in this video. Looks like i'll have to revisit this project again...

DIY Ring Light from TLA Productions

Here's another idea. If you want something closer to Daylight, bulbs that aren't as Fragile, draw less power requirements, and generate almost no heat, check out these LED house bulbs for the DIY Ring Light project. They might be something to look into as an option.

find-price-button 60 LED House Bulb 110v 5500k