ePhoto R640 18″ LED Video Ring Light Giveaway

The new ePhoto R640 18" LED Ring Light recently shared on this website had a great reception. If you were on the fence about trying one of these out, you're in luck since ePhoto has allowed us to give one away!

ephoto r640 led video ring light

The R-640 uses high quality LED bulbs with a CRI rating of 95, color temp at 5400L, and over 1670 LUX [155 FC] when tested at 3 feet. To watch our Product Overview Video and to register for this giveaway (usa residents only), check out the Swivex page (click here).

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light
Using a ring light is a great way to achieve that glamorous looks in your photo and video shoots. The light features 640 Individual LEDs which are softly diffused by the included cover. (Continue Reading..)

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light Giveaway

3 thoughts on “ePhoto R640 18″ LED Video Ring Light Giveaway

  1. Jay

    Just wondering what external battery adapter were you using in that video? I just purchased this light based on your review but I'm also looking to pick a battery pack for the unit.

    Thanks a bunch. great review.

  2. Brian

    What are you using to transport/store your LED ring light(s)? They aren't exactly as easy as the square or rectangle LED lights to move around when it comes to packing gear. I can't see cramming this ring light into a big bag. And it doesn't look like it comes with a zippered pouch.

    The Ikan IBG-500-3L Light Kit Bag is an excellent size for three (maybe even four) of the 576 sized lights, power cords, accessories, etc. It's big and kind of a pain to move around, but it holds everything - great for throwing on a cart. The smaller 312 lights usually come inside of zippered bag of some sort that holds almost everything needed to function. Can throw those inside of another case, or transport by themselves usually and I'm not left feeling like they're going to be destroyed.

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