FREE Diva Ring Light Giveaway – by DVEStore

Here's another product Giveaway and this time it's a Diva Ring Light sponsored by the If you're not familiar with the Diva Ring light, it's a round CFL Continuous light with dimming capabilities. There's a few example videos below showcasing the product in use.

Here's an example of the Diva Ring light from YouTube member Lorenzo Pickett during a Photo session.

Here's another great video example of this Diva Ring Light from Eliu Cornielle.

Here's another very interesting BTS video showing how the Diva Ring light was used by Badmash Factory Productions

It's a pretty cool little item that can add some interesting effects to both stills and video. If you're interested in registering for the Giveaway on this item, check it out following the link below.

Diva Ring LightDiva Light CFLRing Light Photography Catch Light
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5 thoughts on “FREE Diva Ring Light Giveaway – by DVEStore

  1. Princess Senegal

    My mom needs this ring light beachside she is going to a makeup school and when she takes pictures for her homework they don’t look as good as they would with a ring light and I appreciate the DVEstore fore giving me this opportunity 🙂

  2. Crissyana jones

    I really need a ring light for my mom bc she have a youtube channel and youtube is her dream and i want to give her this present for her birthday or for christmas and it will be a blessing for her if she get one.

  3. Aunreika Baker-Wilson

    I really want a ring light because it would make me glow when I start doing YouTube channel for makeup I always wanted a ring light because it just makes everything look better and it would make me more confident in myself.

  4. I really want this because like I love how it looks on peoples face and I really want one because like it would be good for my pic and videos and I Jayant really want this so plz give it to me

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