Panolapse – Panoramic Panning Software for Time Lapse Video

A basic camera + fisheye lens and you're ready to shoot interesting motion control timelapse without expensive hardware. Ok, so you'll need this special Panolapse Software too. Here's a clever software tool that can add more value to your fisheye lenses.

How to explain this? Well, the basic principle of >this video software is very similar to how real estate photos 'unwrap' or 'de-warp' fisheye images and throw them into a software viewer for virtual tours. Ok, maybe I can't explain this very well, but just take a look at the video below and hopefully you'll get a better idea.

So pixel peepers may complain about how this type of 'Faux Motion Control' will cause the images to be soft, or contain some type of abberation, but I think it's pretty cool. Especially when you don't want to drag around a bunch of motion control hardware when you're on vacation. There's a free download to test this out, and a ton of useful information and features that make this software a worthwhile look. You can find more about this at

Panolapse Software 360

8 thoughts on “Panolapse – Panoramic Panning Software for Time Lapse Video

  1. guy01

    This would be a really cool after effects plugin, so you could use it with things beyond timelapse.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the link. I actually tried it with my GoPro Hero 3 and it's amazing. You can download it for free but only limited to 720p output. Or just buy the license to unlock all features.

  3. guy01

    So it appears that instead of simple pan scan, this software projects the images on a curved surface (based on the lens, but you can control the curvature if you like). You can then have a 3d camera and basically keyframe the new framing. There examples have a very slight vignette added to help add to the illusion of a camera move.

    Fisheye lenses would work best since they would have the most curvature.

  4. I'm not sure if it is softening of the image due to the process or if it is just poor compression, but the playback quality of these examples don't look great. The motion looks pretty good though. Definitely worth a free trial.

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