DIY Continuous Ring Light

Beauty ring flashes are popular for photography headshots because they provide an interesting catch light in the subject's eyes. Not sure how many of you caught this video, but this was a DIY ring light I seen a while back from Flickr photos. Here's an old version of this

Now that DSLR's are shooting HD, this project seems to have resurfaced for use with video from Vimeo member TLA Productions. It's a simple design that anyone with a bit of electrical knowledge might be able to tackle, but if your clumsy or clueless, then you can probably just build out the basics and ask an electrician to finish the wiring. Shouldn't be more than a few bucks, and a couple of hours and would be great for Photos or even a Photo booth project too. It's going to provide a much different look than smaller LED ring lights. The bigger your light source, the softer the light and it really shows when used in this video. Looks like i'll have to revisit this project again...

DIY Ring Light from TLA Productions

Here's another idea. If you want something closer to Daylight, bulbs that aren't as Fragile, draw less power requirements, and generate almost no heat, check out these LED house bulbs for the DIY Ring Light project. They might be something to look into as an option.

find-price-button 60 LED House Bulb 110v 5500k

14 thoughts on “DIY Continuous Ring Light

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - It provides a much different look than strobes. Different lighting for different purposes. I'm going to shoot something on Monday and i'll show you what my idea is.

  3. Alex

    For someone that will be using this mostly for photography, is this a cheaper option than building a strobe light setup? If so, I'm definitely considering it.

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  5. John

    Do you know what kind of lights he used in the back to back-lit and on the side to create that blue/white beam?

    Thank you, Emm!


  6. In his tutorial he actually makes a dimmable light ring with the 40 watt bulbs and a dimmer switch. very affordable. I'm going to attempt making a 600 LED dimable light pannel with these bulbs using his method.

  7. You know, we get out of super lean budget territory here but for folks that are not super adept at wiring building a unit with four of these bad boys for a total of 144 LEDs might not be a bad idea, it would only draw 32 watts or so and be extremely portable.

    Or, home grow a rig with these:

    Either way you could build a pretty compact rig. I have two of the IKEA sets laying around, I'll see if I can make something useful.

  8. D

    I checked those LED home lights. They should like a good option...I didn't notice if they are dimmable or not. They don't mention it in the ebay listing which generally means it's not a feature. Does anyone know of any similar which are dimmable? That's an option I'd love to have.

  9. tom antos is awesome, he has so many tutorials on doing great stuff with your a minimum budget, check out his youtube channel, tonnes of tutorials

  10. if you watch that show on HBO about the Penguins/Capitals hockey game on New Years Day, you can see them using this set up in the eyes of the players. I always wondered how they got their lights to look like that. Thanks Em!

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