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Vimeo member Tim Perkins looks to be a clever DIY guy. You can see him working a DIY LCD Viewfinder on his 550D. This time Tim takes a hint from a previously shared video found here: https://cheesycam.com/tripod-to-shoulder-support/ about using a tripod as a simple 'shoulder support' and finds gold in an old Bogen 3D tripod head. Using a monopod for the shoulder support, the configuration of this Bogen 3025 3D head helps position the camera to a better viewing height as well as being offset. Looks pretty stable as is, but curious if a handle, shoulder pad, and some counterweight could add some enhancements.

Not sure if it's the same, but this is the only version that shows up:



Thanks to Thomas for sending in a very interesting DIY DSLR Rig. The entire rig was built by his father to be super light, super modular, and even adds a few wheels for some dolly style tracking. Everything packs up into a small bag, DIY follow focus included. There's a bit more information and a bunch more photos following the link to his blog. https://www.punto14.net/blog/2010/10/03/say-hallo-to-octopussy%C2%AE/

[Thanks Thomas]


Any designs using these plug clamps, I've been crediting as the 'Johan' rig. Johan originally sent in his DIY DSLR idea found here, and it's been a hit. I even have my hands on these clamps trying to put together my own.

Here's one very cool looking DIY DSLR rig from Derek out in Detroit, with some fancy Carbon rods purchased from DragonPlate.com. Carbon rods? Nice touch! Shoulder pad and Grips are still on it's way, but Derek wanted to give us an early sneak peek. I can attest that even with my Fiberglass Tent Poles, these clamps are strong. Check out Derek rocking what looks like a 70-200mm on this setup, proving to be a structure more than adequate for smaller cams. Great job Derek, thanks for sharing.

Just happened upon a couple of videos that linked back to the blog. Here's the original articles they were referencing.

Wow, these guys really know how to DIY! I'm glad the videos they shot are much more creative than my forte 'on the floor of a bedroom with a carpet background'. I really hate to post this up right now, Vimeo is having issues with their Play Stats. It would be great for these guys to see how many plays they get for their hard work.

I very much appreciate these guys linking back to the blog, and I ask as much as possible that everyone does, so that we can point others to all of this information for budget film makers. Most importantly thanks again to these guys for taking the time to inspire others to try DIY equipment too. Details of their videos are pulled from Vimeo.

DIY Shoulder Mount

Inspired by www.cheesycam.com I decided to save myself a few bob and build my own shoulder rig for some stabilization action. Works pretty well, and am pleased with it. I have a few long screws on it....but i can cut them to length later.
Looking forward to getting some use from it now!

DIY Fig Rig

Here is our very first attempt at a DIY rig. The plans came from CheesyCam and we thought we take the rig to our good friends at Rustworks for some metal cutting and assembling. Enjoy the video. We had a good time putting this Fig Rig together.

830 Bransten Road
San Carlos, CA
(650) 593-2276

Big thanks to: www.cheesycam.com

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II

Visit our website: www.calixteworks.com



Wow, adding everything up on this rig, it's pretty much a sweet deal. No hassles in building and configuring your own DSLR setup, this listing has it all and ready to ship. Complete shoulder mount, tripod blocks, 1 follow focus for Focus pulls, 1 follow focus for Zoom pulls, A bunch of Focus Rings, (not shown) Waist belt + rod support, Matte Box, Shotgun Microphone, LCD Monitor + battery pack, JuiceBox to kill that AGC, LED Light panel, and more!

I was hesitant to post this up because for a split second I thought I should just buy it, and sell off some of my old gear to make up for the difference. There was one important calculation that prevented me from clicking the 'Buy It Now' button. After figuring out the time it would take to sell off my old items, effort to hide this from the wifey, time it would take to replace missing bank account funds, and the cost of divorce fees should I be caught randomly purchasing items.....Basically I can't afford it (right now). If your calculations are much different than mine, check out the full details and descriptions of the items bundled with this beast at the eBay listing. Check out this awesome complete DSLR Shoulder Mount rig available at eBay auction.

Note: I don't know this seller, and am not vouching for the validity of this auction.



Above is the famous little photo sent in by Johan about his DIY DSLR rig using Automotive Plug Wire Clamps. I originally posted this article: https://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/. I really liked the look of this thing, but couldn't decide if it were going to be beefy enough to support an actual DSLR. It's hard to visualize the support rods actual dimensions.Well I got a chance to find some rods and Yes, they are very beefy indeed.

While cruising around random aisles in my local Walmart (searching for items for another DIY), I happened upon the Camping aisle and found an awesome set of Black Fiberglass Tent Poles! For just $6.88 a set, one set can complete a simple DIY DSLR rig. Especially for something as simple as a Canon 550D, T2i, Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5, and other Four-Thirds cameras.

photo 1photo 2
photo 3photo 4

So I grabbed a set of these black Fiberglass tent rods from the Walmart camping aisle and immediately placed an order on the plug wire clamps. They just came in today so I'm very curious as to what I can come up with for a fun little support rod rig.

photo 1photo 2
got my clamps in...

Stay tuned, oh and more information on Johan's DIY DSLR rig and where to buy the clamps can be found at this article: https://cheesycam.com/diy-dslr-rig-four-thirds-rig/

more photos from Johan's rig



This is soooo cool!!! I love running a DIY blog for times like these when someone shares their idea. This submission was sent to me from Johan. Unfortunately Johan doesn't have a web address I can link to, but leave your comments here for him to read.

Most of the time, i'm trying to assemble DIY gear from off-the-shelf parts to make things easier. This is an extremely clever idea of using some readily available (and cheap) off-the-shelf parts and assemble it into something awesome! Now it looks a bit under scale for a 5D Mark II or 7D, but would probably look the part on a T2i. It would most definitely look the part for a Four-Thirds system like the Olympus Pen, Panasonic GH*, or even the new Sony NEX. I really have to go out and try this myself.

Parts used look to be Automotive Plug Wire type seperators. These small parts come in a variety of materials and color from plastic to billet aluminum. After measuring out the required rods, Johan grabbed some 10mm tent pole rods. Not to say you can't just locate some normal 10mm round rods. You can find these billet aluminum rod clamps by clicking here..

find-price-button Click Image - Billet Wire Holders

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These pipe clamps look to be very handy for anyone wanting to create a 'Rod' type shoulder rig. Supposedly you can find them around the copper pipe aisles at Home Depot and they have a nice spacing to them which look similar to real 'Rod rigs'. The front support handles are cutdown Bike handlebars and obviously your choice of bike handles. These are very cool looking rigs that i'm sure nobody would recognize as a DIY project. These videos are not super clear on the complete assembly, total parts list, and configuration, but i'm on the lookout for more detailed versions of the copper pipe clamp rigs showing up now. I think i'll have to try my hand at configuring my own Copper Pipe Clamp DSLR Rig.

Another Version: