DIY DSLR Rig – Four Thirds Rig?


This is soooo cool!!! I love running a DIY blog for times like these when someone shares their idea. This submission was sent to me from Johan. Unfortunately Johan doesn't have a web address I can link to, but leave your comments here for him to read.

Most of the time, i'm trying to assemble DIY gear from off-the-shelf parts to make things easier. This is an extremely clever idea of using some readily available (and cheap) off-the-shelf parts and assemble it into something awesome! Now it looks a bit under scale for a 5D Mark II or 7D, but would probably look the part on a T2i. It would most definitely look the part for a Four-Thirds system like the Olympus Pen, Panasonic GH*, or even the new Sony NEX. I really have to go out and try this myself.

Parts used look to be Automotive Plug Wire type seperators. These small parts come in a variety of materials and color from plastic to billet aluminum. After measuring out the required rods, Johan grabbed some 10mm tent pole rods. Not to say you can't just locate some normal 10mm round rods. You can find these billet aluminum rod clamps by clicking here..

find-price-button Click Image - Billet Wire Holders

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36 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Rig – Four Thirds Rig?

  1. @ Johan Plug

    Hi Johan. Your name sounds very Dutch. Are you? If so where did you get these wire clamps. I can only find them on but no Dutch retailers. They're not cheap and having them shipped from the US to Holland costs an arm and a leg.

    Any tips?

  2. Big Matty

    Sickspeed makes some that you can find for around $7 a set. You'll still need minimum 6 sets. But they do come in a few colors and are billet Aluminum. Search for "Billet aluminum spark plug separators" and you'll see them. 11 smalls and 6 large. How ever you can get them. It's still a lot of money for me but it looks really nice.

  3. Martin

    I would like to back up Hampus claim that this is his rig and not Johans. Hampus designed and built this from scratch.

    So, whomever "Johan" is, he stole it all from Hampus.

    Please update the article accordingly.

  4. Chris

    hey man … I dont understand how to get the handles in place! can you post a pic of the clamp configuration around the handle .. from the inside.. and give details on the screw that connects the handle to the “T” bar at the front of the rig ?

  5. I bought two pack of these and tried connecting two of the smaller billets to larger one using the same holes but longer 10-32 socket screws. However, I couldn't get the smaller billets to tighten enough with the horizontal poles running through them. Has anyone else had this problem with not being able to tighten enough.

  6. Hampus

    Those pictures are not Johans but mine, so is the rig and camera.

    I used tent poles and clamps for spark plug wires. Works great but has some drawbacks. I'll probably built a new one soon with rods in standard size.

  7. Stefano

    How did you attached the frontside to the horizontal part?
    I didn't found a way to do it?

    Hope somebody can tell me,

  8. Rick Q.

    I found steel tubing scraps in 10mm which make the rig strong with these clamps. I paid $8 and it was enough for the diy shooter rig I made.
    I am also waiting for shipment of carbon fiber rods.

    Thanks again to Johan and Cheesy Cam for sharing this info.

    I am excited to say this diy is promising even for a small 5d rig.


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  10. Emm

    Post author

    A Quick Release plate can accept a standard 1/4 x 20 bolt. My guess is the QR is attached with washers or something.

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  12. @Evan
    I dont know how HE did it.
    but all you need to do is get a longer piece of 1/4 threaded bolt to fit the quick release plate.
    then just put that through the connector thingy instead of one of the bolts.

    Search on ebay or google shopping for "10mm aluminuim" (or aluminum)
    you will find rods very cheap. i found some for about £5 / $7 USD.
    I also found a nicer one (polished) but they dont deliver and i dont want to go all the way down there.

    also, most ebay sellers will cut it to size for free.

    Like i said i will be posting a complete tutorial. depends how long the parts take to arrive (i'm in the UK)
    I've also designed a top handle and some other cool modifications.

    I'll also be posting tutorials on getting ultra cheap monitors with rechargeable batteries that will last for a day of shooting and a monitor arm all for less than $100.
    I have to test it all out before though so i dont give out advice about a product that doesnt work/fit.

    I've also got a solution for adapting 15mm connections to the 10mm rods. All will be posted soon.

    Meanwhile, feel free to contact me through


  13. Adam

    Love it and I'm tempted to try it. However the fact the poles are 10mm is holding me back a little. I'd want to add a follow focus and maybe a matte box and most attach to 15mm poles. Any thoughts on solutions to this? Maybe add rubber rings to the poles around where accessories need to attach to?

  14. Johan

    No tutorial sorry. just look at the pics and you will find out :).its like lego, you can do what you want 🙂

  15. Evan

    Awesome, maybe I'll give this a shot. Although, I'm not sure how he mounted the quick release plate...

  16. Johan

    Hi. Tnx guys.
    Answer to jooni, yes :)!
    So now i want too see u guys do the samething. 🙂

  17. Looks like in my small town there aren't any of the wire separators or tent polls.

    I've ordered the separators from the seller linked in the post, but any know where I can order the tent polls?

  18. Looks great. i'm getting the parts and building one.
    i'm thinking of just going with aluminum rods (not hollow) but not sure if they will be too heavy. i'm still doing the research on what parts are best for me.

    I want to go with 15mm rods as i can then use parts for pro rigs on the DIY rig.

    anyone have any idea for 15mm connectors? i've found lots of options but non of them look professional.

    I'll be posting a complete tutorial on how i built mine and exactly what parts i've ordered (w/links) and i'll post a link here to the tutorial once it's online.

    love your stuff cheesycam!


  19. Jeff Morris

    Very cool, such ingenuity!! Looks awesome, especially compared to the rig below it (previous post), Nice work Johan! Do you have a tutorial on how you did it? 😉

  20. This looks killer!
    It looks like he used 11 of the small connectors and 6 big connectors, plus poles. Might run you about $75 to $80 bucks. Not bad! I think I'll go look for tent poles.

  21. TEOZee

    Perfect. Is it 10mm inside clamp diameter? It's really thing that I've been search for so long. Thanks!

  22. vonner

    That looks pretty legit. It would be nice to see some underneath photos... I can't tell how he mounted the quick release to the system. Also, it's a little hard to tell how the handle bar hookup works. Pretty impressive though, I'm tempted to try it out.

  23. Bixby

    Freakin' awesome Johan! Thanks for sharing the knowledge, man! You too, Mr.CheesyCam... You're like the Strobist for the DSLR Video community!

  24. noone

    Wait... are those automotive clamps the same exact size as rod support styled ones?!

  25. Alam

    Looks like a good idea.. with my crummy diy solution I've been using MDF wood /w U-bolts.. good thing about that is it is VERY flexible.. I've only been able to find wire separators for up to 8mm wires.. any idea on where to find something up to 15mm?

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