Made in the USA – DSLR rig

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There's a new DSLR rig player in town with prices that aren't even in the competitions range. Then again, the configuration of this DSLR rig is cleverly assembled using many of the same parts keeping manufacturing to a minimum and costs low. Coming in with a price to compete with the new shoulder rig from Jag35, this DSLR rig seems to be aimed directly for the budget film maker or serious hobbyist. Personally i'm more of a fan of the flat black on this rig, over the colorful Jag35 DSLR shoulder rig (not yet named). Actually i'm going to call this rig 'Cheaper' than Jag35, since i'm sure Jag35 will have shipping charges and possibly tax applied. Right now you can grab this new DSRL rig on ebay + free shipping.

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Very happy to see more players in the game, it benefits us small time buyers, eventually forcing product costs lower to compete. By the way, black Rods are actually more expensive due to additional coatings applied. This one doesn't spare on those important aesthetic details.You can find the new DSLR rig by eBay seller Express35 following this link.

4 thoughts on “Made in the USA – DSLR rig



    Actually, it is offset and ends up right over my right eye.

    The counterweight is in the works. With a light setup, not necessary. So if you are just using a T2i and not much more, it will be fine.

  2. Clay Bitner

    If you notice the shoulder pad, it is offset. It will move the camera in front of your eye.

  3. ANDRE

    I noticed that it's not offset. Will that be an issue when using a viewfinder? Also noticed that it doesn't seem to have a weight on the backend. Will that create an issue. I'm trying to find a great budget stabilizer for my t2i.

  4. Clay Bitner

    I just have to say that Chris, from Express35, is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Class act all the way.

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