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This is soooo cool!!! I love running a DIY blog for times like these when someone shares their idea. This submission was sent to me from Johan. Unfortunately Johan doesn't have a web address I can link to, but leave your comments here for him to read.

Most of the time, i'm trying to assemble DIY gear from off-the-shelf parts to make things easier. This is an extremely clever idea of using some readily available (and cheap) off-the-shelf parts and assemble it into something awesome! Now it looks a bit under scale for a 5D Mark II or 7D, but would probably look the part on a T2i. It would most definitely look the part for a Four-Thirds system like the Olympus Pen, Panasonic GH*, or even the new Sony NEX. I really have to go out and try this myself.

Parts used look to be Automotive Plug Wire type seperators. These small parts come in a variety of materials and color from plastic to billet aluminum. After measuring out the required rods, Johan grabbed some 10mm tent pole rods. Not to say you can't just locate some normal 10mm round rods. You can find these billet aluminum rod clamps by clicking here..

find-price-button Click Image - Billet Wire Holders

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