DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig – by Derek

Any designs using these plug clamps, I've been crediting as the 'Johan' rig. Johan originally sent in his DIY DSLR idea found here, and it's been a hit. I even have my hands on these clamps trying to put together my own.

Here's one very cool looking DIY DSLR rig from Derek out in Detroit, with some fancy Carbon rods purchased from Carbon rods? Nice touch! Shoulder pad and Grips are still on it's way, but Derek wanted to give us an early sneak peek. I can attest that even with my Fiberglass Tent Poles, these clamps are strong. Check out Derek rocking what looks like a 70-200mm on this setup, proving to be a structure more than adequate for smaller cams. Great job Derek, thanks for sharing.

24 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig – by Derek

  1. Eric Wilson

    Nice design, What type of mount did you use to mount the camera to the cinema shoulder rig ? Are you going to add a counterweight to the back ? I have seen a few of these that use a counterweight in the back. I just got my Canon EOS 5D MK III and I am ready to build my rig.

    .375" od is referencing a decimal value of an inch 9.525 mm according to a metric conversion site.

  2. steve

    im sorry but i dont know what you mean with Carbon Tube ~ .375″OD x .290″ID x 48″ especially the od and id can you please post the length and diameter in mm for me? im german so it would be verry nice.

  3. Martin

    Still not Johans rig. My friend and colleague Hampus designed and built the original rig.

    He, or I, can provide you with a proper tutorial if needed.

  4. Derek

    hey man ... I dont understand how to get the handles in place! can you post a pic of the clamp configuration around the handle .. from the inside.. and give details on the screw that connects the handle to the "T" bar at the front of the rig ?

  5. Bilao

    Super cool !!!

    Derek, can you talk about how did you attach the dslr base plate?
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Emm

    Post author

    As I mentioned in the video, it's fun but really isn't a huge cost savings once you build everything out. The clamps are a bit expensive to obtain still.

  7. Jayke

    Hey Emm,

    is there a possiblility to get an update from this project? Cause I'm interested to build this rig for myself and in your video it's not shure, if it works completely, when it's ready. So would be cool, if you can update this project with a video from the complete rig and maybe say, what works cool and what doesn't.

    Greeting from germany

  8. Emm

    Post author

    Follow Focus would be a trick to mount. You might want to already look into a standard rod rig for easier mounting. The new Express35 Shoulder Rig - Lite comes in at only $239.

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  10. Mike


    Did you have to cut any of the rods? Just trying to determine if it's an easy build or a more difficult one. Thinking about purchasing the Express35 shoulder rig but for the price, I would rather your DIY.

  11. Hey Guys, I used three pieces of this product from for the tubes.
    Carbon Tube ~ .375"OD x .290"ID x 48"

    These rods are about 10mm. This is the biggest size I can see fitting into those clamps.

    I used the same clamps Johan used from ebay, I ordered two sets of 12. Thats 8 4's and 16 2's.

    And I used some misc hardware from a local hardware store.

  12. MV

    Step by step instructions or video tutorial would be awesome! Love the design and creativity for a DIY project.

  13. Mike


    We need someone to actually put a DETAILED parts list, where you purchased everything from, and easy to follow step by step process to build this. It is AWESOME.


  14. Danny P

    Very nice! Clean! Looks like those rods fit in the clamps pretty well. Would you share what the diameter of the rods are? Good work Derek. looking forward to seeing the final product.

  15. Rick Q.

    Very nice looking! Looks like you may hold a 5d afterall. 🙂

    Can you share any measurements or how many carbon fiber rods are needed to make this?

    Am I right in counting this took 8-4hole plugs and 17-2holes?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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