DIY DSLR Rig -Johan Plug Wire Clamps


Above is the famous little photo sent in by Johan about his DIY DSLR rig using Automotive Plug Wire Clamps. I originally posted this article: I really liked the look of this thing, but couldn't decide if it were going to be beefy enough to support an actual DSLR. It's hard to visualize the support rods actual dimensions.Well I got a chance to find some rods and Yes, they are very beefy indeed.

While cruising around random aisles in my local Walmart (searching for items for another DIY), I happened upon the Camping aisle and found an awesome set of Black Fiberglass Tent Poles! For just $6.88 a set, one set can complete a simple DIY DSLR rig. Especially for something as simple as a Canon 550D, T2i, Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5, and other Four-Thirds cameras.

photo 1photo 2
photo 3photo 4

So I grabbed a set of these black Fiberglass tent rods from the Walmart camping aisle and immediately placed an order on the plug wire clamps. They just came in today so I'm very curious as to what I can come up with for a fun little support rod rig.

photo 1photo 2
got my clamps in...

Stay tuned, oh and more information on Johan's DIY DSLR rig and where to buy the clamps can be found at this article:

more photos from Johan's rig

26 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Rig -Johan Plug Wire Clamps

  1. ANV

    Easy to make, very economical and just as good as professional equipment.
    Do it yourself.
    Facil de fabricar, muy económico y nada que envidiar a material profesional.
    Hazlo tu mismo.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Wolf - Standard rods - Gini, RedRock, Zacuto, Cinevate, mostly are 15mm. These clamps won't work and doubt they can hold the weight of all the rods combined.

  3. This is truly an awesome rig and idea.... which quick-release plates were used, which bike grips/handles were used (and how are they mounted?) and what misc. screws/wingnuts would I need?

    Can someone please provide a full parts list? Thanks!!!

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  5. olivier

    this is an amazing solution and very cheap too.
    I tried it and it's very strong.No worried about the weight!you can add many tools on it!
    thank you for sharing the idea!

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  8. david

    The clamps seems work great with the fiber rods.
    What size is the screw going between the clamps, 1/4-20, 3/8-16 or something else? Thanks

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  10. yeah I'm thinking with aluminum rods it could hold my t2i with a short lens, follow focus, h1, an LED light, a beachtec XLR to stereo mini adapter and a shotgun mic. Should make for a fairly large rig but not impossible i don't think.

  11. Rick Q.

    Can't wait for your verdict. This looks promising.

    Do u think this can hold a 5d with stronger rods?

    Maybe with aluminum?


  12. Emm

    Post author

    I bought (2) of the 12pcs Pack. I'm not sure how many I need or what my configuration is. I'll see what these 24 pcs can make for me.

  13. Ryan

    Man I love stuff like this. Gonna make it harder for these high-end companies to explain why their rigs cost so much with these cheap and sturdy alternatives are costing! Looks awesome!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    I should have something posted by tomorrow of what i'm mocking up with these clamps. Definitely take a trip to Walmart and test out the poles. Like I mentioned in the article, it's hard to understand the capabilities until you see them in person. Definitely beefy enough for a small cam. Excited to get a Zoom H1 on there too.

  15. Josh

    I like the design too. and I am thinking of making some modifications, I saw some solid aluminum rods, that looked like they would fit. And was thinking of putting a standard rail system baseplate on with short rods for a follow focus, and other equipment. Those just my thoughts on it.

  16. I bet your right Emm. I showed a co-worker of mine this rig and that was the exact same thing he said, at short lengths these poles would do very well. Looks like I need to take a trip to walmart.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    Yes, tent pole are very flexible but only after a certain length. When cut shorter they are very firm. The rig i'm planning on building will have several short run pieces of tent poles combined with the clamps, and supporting a four-thirds or smaller camera should be suffice. We'll see what I can pull off.

  18. I love the design of this rig and was debating making a modified version of it for myself. I don't know if i see tent poles working very well though. In my camping experience (granted i haven't gone camping for a few years) the poles were rather flexible and they wouldn't give you much support. This may make for a rather shakey rig or it may give you a bit more shock absorption maybe.

    I plan on making a rid somewhere between this and the square cage style cheesycam rig. I think the combination of shoulder mount plug room for extra gear (screen, Zoom H1, shotgun) could make for a great run and gun set up.

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