Zoom H1 Mic-Muff Available Now

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The Zoom H1 is the hottest talked about Portable Audio recorder since the Zoom H4n. I posted an article about it here. It's small, simple to use, high quality, and best of all 'Dirt Cheap'. Although it's not available yet, WindTech isn't holding out until last minute. There's already a 'Mic-Muff' available to help tone down some of that wind noise, should you decide to use the onboard microphones. I've heard the term 'Dead Cat' for the larger ones, 'Dead Kitten' for the smaller ones, and i'm personally going to coin this 'Dead Hamster'. Check out the new WindTech Mic-Muff for the Zoom H1 by clicking here.

Using this as a handheld microphone is quite handy, but you know, it does remind me of something. I just can't quite put my finger on it.....

No word on if Zoom H1 is going to include a Wind Screen of their own, but i'm guessing it will be the standard black foam type. The one product that's made the most impact in this Wind Dampening area for the Zoom H4n product is the RedHead Windscreen.

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I've seen several test videos with the RedHead (by the way they aren't all red in color) and it's a must have for anyone planning on using the on board Zoom Microphones in breezy conditions. You can find video samples in any of his listings and prices by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Zoom H1 Mic-Muff Available Now

  1. Matthew

    Ah, as far as the USB Mic thing is concerned, you can't use the H1 as one. You can with the H2-H4 I believe, but yeah.. Also, the sound quality question.. trying to compare the two is very hard, because each microphones have their own purpose. If you are talking about recording vocals or lower range stringed instruments, then you are probably better off using the C01U, as the diaphragm is bigger on the microphone and it makes for better, warming vocals and strings. The zoom h1 works incredibly well recording full performances of people, much better in my opinion than the CO1U as the mics themselves are very sensitive and the '180 degree' style of their configuration can pickup full bands better. I'd say they are better for all around recording. Still, for vocals, there is no real comparison. The C01U will be much better. 🙂 Also, when you record guitars, you really should have 2 mics.. one for the sound hole and one for the 12 fret. That being so, the zoom work WONDERFUL. Oh, tip too. You can still use the H1 as a computer mic by using a cord from the Headphone out on the H1 to the Input on your computer. (So long as you have a decent sound card, it's pretty much flawless.)

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Not sure about sound, but the H1 is portable. The USB condenser mic is not. The C01U is also not stereo and you can't adjust the cone pickup. The H4n can adjust and i'm assuming the H1 will do the same.

  3. Jeff Morris

    Hahaha. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture, trolls!! I'm not gonna lie, I had a couple when I was a young lad. I think I would chuckle every time I pulled that out of my camera bag.

  4. Jeff

    Hello friend I had emailed redhead windscreen about a week ago in regards to the a windscreen for the zoom H1n here is the reply I got

    "I will have the Redhead H1 ready before or shortly after release : )

    Love and Aloha, Kalani"

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