Tilt Shift – Without the Tilt Shift Lens

Wow, I knew there was software to mimic the Tilt-Shift effect you get from $2,000-$3,000 dollar lenses, but never saw it look this good. Here's a couple of Timelapse videos shot by Photographer Martin Wallgren, and edited in post to mimic the Tilt Shift effect with Alien Skin's 'Bokeh' software. The focus drop off looks very very smooth, it's hard to tell it was done with a Photoshop Plugin.

This sounds like a more time consuming process, but a real Tilt Shift lens is another piece of equipment to drag around, not to mention the crazy price too. I haven't been using Photoshop very much after Lightroom, but here's a reason to get back into it. It may not be true tilt-shift, but these awesome results speaks for itself.

6 thoughts on “Tilt Shift – Without the Tilt Shift Lens

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  3. awj

    You also might want to check Frishcluft Lenscare, DOF Pro and Iris Filter. Those are DOF plugins much like Alienskin Bokeh 🙂

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Thanks, It doesn't look quite as good though. Just looks blurry, not really miniature.

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