Copper Pipe Clamps- DIY DSLR rig

These pipe clamps look to be very handy for anyone wanting to create a 'Rod' type shoulder rig. Supposedly you can find them around the copper pipe aisles at Home Depot and they have a nice spacing to them which look similar to real 'Rod rigs'. The front support handles are cutdown Bike handlebars and obviously your choice of bike handles. These are very cool looking rigs that i'm sure nobody would recognize as a DIY project. These videos are not super clear on the complete assembly, total parts list, and configuration, but i'm on the lookout for more detailed versions of the copper pipe clamp rigs showing up now. I think i'll have to try my hand at configuring my own Copper Pipe Clamp DSLR Rig.

Another Version:

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your site! No joke. Its a big help and you update it all the time, good stuff!
    btw I also live in the bay area, near SF and I was hoping maybe we could meet or talk via chat sometime? Filmmaking is my passion, and I am completely engulfed in all this dslr hype. I bought a t2i the week it came out, to replace my inferior GH-1 (which i regret now, after the hack blah blah blah)

    anyways, shoot me an email!


    Chris Morgan

  2. Gerry

    How did the handsfree cheesy shoulder mount work out that you bought a few months ago? Have you used it?

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