Offset and Raised for DIY Shoulder Support


Vimeo member Tim Perkins looks to be a clever DIY guy. You can see him working a DIY LCD Viewfinder on his 550D. This time Tim takes a hint from a previously shared video found here: about using a tripod as a simple 'shoulder support' and finds gold in an old Bogen 3D tripod head. Using a monopod for the shoulder support, the configuration of this Bogen 3025 3D head helps position the camera to a better viewing height as well as being offset. Looks pretty stable as is, but curious if a handle, shoulder pad, and some counterweight could add some enhancements.

Not sure if it's the same, but this is the only version that shows up:

11 thoughts on “Offset and Raised for DIY Shoulder Support

  1. Rabi

    I had an idea like this some time ago. I was proud of myself for the concept, but in practice it didn't really do anything. I thought about throwing on some counterweights, which probably would have helped, but I got busy and forgot about it.

  2. MisterO

    I can of do the same when by reversing my Manfrotto 701 head.
    It's not that offset but I can also reverse the handle and us it to have a better grip.
    Tell me you pictures or a video 😉

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Yes it's a bad deal and you should let me buy it for that price. LOL. JK. That's a great stabilizer and worth it.

  4. I am about to buy a glidecam hd 4000 for a pretty good price. It's unused, and accessories, and is $425. Am I getting a bad deal? It's for the 7d. I figure if nothing else, I can recoup almost all of the money on ebay if i have to.

  5. spaceflows

    I love Tim's ingenuity and DIY attitude. I completely agree with him when it comes to LCD viewfinders just "being a magnifying glass". I was thinking about making one myself and Tim (and Emm for posting this) have tipped the scale. I have a 60D so I'm looking to make something that can attach to the viewfinder when folded out next to the camera body. I'll post it when (and if) it's done!

    If anyone else knows of some DIY viewfinders please let us know!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    They are both different and not used in the same manner. Might want to just get a shoulder rig.

  7. As a newbie to the Canon 7D, I'm searching for the best stabilizer value. I'd like something I'm not going to replace. Would you suggest going with glidecam style stabilizer, or a shoulder unit?

  8. Andy Mills

    I think that model of head has been replaced.
    Here in the UK the 3025 3D has been replaced by the "Manfrotto 056 3D Junior Head" (according to their website).
    Just ordered one for £19.95.

  9. John

    Awesome!!! I used the tripod method the other day and what I noticed is that it was hard to use the lcdvf, so this looks like a solution..I agree that a handle and some counterweight would make it better so I guess one way to do it is to put the 3d head on top of the 717ah head while using the tripod and that way you'll have a handle, some counterweight, and your viewfinder will be in the perfect place.

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