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Wow, the store front really expanded for this tiny eBay seller. I've had my eye on them for a while now as they had a few interesting items. Today they just really loaded up with a bunch of new items. Two of them are some serious clones. First most interesting item is the 'mysterious' clone of a Cinevate Carbon system. I posted the article here: http://cheesycam.com/indias-got-a-carbon-camera-dolly/ and not more than a few hours later, they removed all postings. Looks like 'The Man' got to them. Well it's back so we'll see how long it can stay online this time around (i'm betting the Man will shut them down after this post)

find-price-button Video Camera Slider Carbon Dolly Clone

Second on the list. Well well well..here's a Clone after my own design, another SpiderTrax dolly. This one doesn't look very good and shipping makes it more expensive than the Konova clone. Konova's design seems to be more polished, and this one looks exactly like another home made overpriced knock-off. Yeah get yourself a Konova dolly if you really need one.

SpiderTrax Dolly
find-price-button Video Camera Rotating Skater Dolly Clone

Third up, this one goes out to the boys in Blue. It's been said that the Blue accented Follow Focus was based on a Huco gearbox, and so is this one. This DSLR Follow Focus clone for standard Rail mounts come with flex gear, speed crank, whip, yadda yadda yadda. You can get more info via the links. At this price, you might still be better off going with ikan's latest Follow Focus system.

find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus Huco Gearbox Clone


The original SpiderTrax Dolly is no longer available via PhotographyAndCinema.com, but the Korean company Konova copied the design pretty much dead on. This would be the better alternative aside from making one on your own. Here's some friends working with the dolly during Valentine's day. They let the dolly control all the camera movements with no fluid head. Since there wouldn't be any panning involved during the motion, they mounted a simple Heavy Duty ball head normally used for photography.

find-price-button Professional Heavy Duty Ball Head Quick Release

By just using the wood flooring, table tops, counters, and other flat surfaces, they were able to achieve a variety of different movements you can't replicate with just a straight slider. For areas that might not be completely smooth, you can carry a roll of Heavy vinyl plastic (comes in rolls) found at any hardware or fabric store. This Vinyl material will even allow you to run on firm carpet. If you haven't had time to make one or if you're not rockin' a rotating dolly yet, this gives you an idea of how versatile it can be. It's an extremely inexpensive tool that can boost your entire video production with these unique movements. [Thanks Guys]

find-price-button Rotating Video Camera Skater Dolly


Just caught a cool video shot on a Nikon D300s from Jeremy Mayhew. Jeremy has been using the SpiderTrax rotating video dolly quite a bit, and has found ways to use it outdoors quite effectively. I'm really impressed with the quality from this Nikon D300s considering it's not even a 1080 shooter. The look on the Nikon Macro lens is also very sharp with excellent bokeh. It's going to be interesting to see the quality of video that comes out of Nikon's new (T2i Competitor) the D3100 DSLR 1080p capable camera that's starting at only $699 w/ 18-55mm Lens. This new D3100 could give Nikon a larger market share in DSLR video, unless Canon releases something more exciting than the recently announced Canon 60D DSLR.

Pre-order for Nikon D3100

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The guys over at Calixte Works are at it again. This time putting together a video about their DIY version of the Spidertrax Rotating Video Dolly, all video shot and Dolly built 'inside' the local Home Depot. Crazy guys, but looks like a simple and inexpensive build for some quality rotating video footage. The rotating video dolly is quickly becoming everyone's favorite DIY project to tackle, because of the very interesting video footage you can capture with it. You can check out Calixte Work's DIY Spidertrax Rotating Video Dolly here.

As usual getting proper wheel alignment on a DIY isn't quite that simple, so in this example the common skateboard trucks were used. Skateboard mounts work great, but doesn't allow the camera to sit at the lowest possible level, especially once you add a fluid head. This is the reason the original SpiderTrax was built with a custom baseplate and the reversed axle mount.

Below: Original SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly
The Original SpiderTrax Dolly can be found at PhotographyAndCinema.com



Jarrod over at Just Basl Productions introduced his version of the DIY Spidertrax dolly not long ago, and already he's following up with another DIY tip. Using the same Strut channels as the Popular Cheesycam DIY DSLR Cage / Fig Rig, he's designed his DIY version SpiderTrax Dolly wheels to roll along the rail. He does a good informative video explaining how he put it all together. Not sure if he mentioned the price, but a single 10' strut channel might run you about $15.00 dollars. Cutting the strut in half would suffice for the length of track you'll need. Check out the DIY Spidertrax dolly on Rails video here. Thanks Jarrod, another fine cost saving DIY on a tool that's versatile, looks professional, and best of all dirt cheap.

Below: Original SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly
The Original SpiderTrax Dolly can be found at PhotographyAndCinema.com


Wow, very cool examples of what type of footage you can achieve with the SpiderTrax Dolly design. Here's another simple build video of how parts from a normal skateboard, Cheese Plate, and Quick release adapter were put together for those slider and rotational shots.

Here's a link to the cheese plate that was used.

Two months ago, the video above also used Skateboard trucks and looks like a wooden base. This is definitely becoming a main stream tool for many DIY'ers.

Isn't it weird how I share these videos and information openly, while at the same time it's something that I need to sell? It's all good with me, because my main goal was always to share these ideas and inspire more creative footage. For those who weren't able to DIY and wanted something, I worked with a team to have parts professionally manufactured with solid aluminum, cut with Computer Aided Design, and special Anodized coating (not spray paint). You can find the SpiderTrax Dolly available at PhotographyandCinema.com

Big thanks to Jarrod and Think Gines for taking time to put this video together and sharing ideas for others to make.

Modeled after the SpiderTrax Rotating Video dolly from PhotographyandCinema.com, YouTube member ZelenPol pulled off some really fun footage. This is a fine example of the types of video footage you can capture with the SpiderTrax Rotating video dolly, that you can't achieve from a camera slider. I just recently shot a video / photo shoot last saturday in which i'll show some of my BTS SpiderTrax Dolly footage, but if you're not the DIY type and need something professionally made, the final first run of the SpiderTrax Dollies are running low. Check out more information at PhotographyandCinema.com.



Sorry for the delay. The SpiderTrax Dolly was already announced to accept orders, but we only announced it to those who filled out the original form. Today i'm announcing that you can order the dolly (no fluid heads available at this time), only if you are a US resident within the 48 continental states, and payment accepted is Paypal only.

There is only one option available at this time, and it is the complete base kit which includes solid AL base plate, 2 solid AL axles, 4 wheels, 4 red bearings, 2 clamp knobs, 1/4" screw with 3/8" step up adapter to mount either your camera or a fluid head directly to the base.. The wheels will already come preassembled, so setup is simply just placing the axles on the base (5 seconds you're ready to go).

There are a limited amount of orders left, and you can grab it over at https://www.PhotographyAndCinema.com.

Well it's been only a short time since I finally released my version of a DIY Rotational Skater Video Dolly. There's already talks in forums and other homebrews of this simple design on YouTube and on Vimeo. In fact there's even a guy on YouTube (i'm not going to drop links for sake of web traffic), who's setup a website selling it off as his original design. Absolutely no credits back to where he grabbed the idea from. I say don't support this guys sales...his parts look pretty hokey too. Hahaha.

Check out the video above for some example footage of the SpiderTrax Dolly design in use. Pretty cool!! Thanks Irakli !! Awesome job on making your DIY version.

A team of guys over at SpiderTraxDolly.com has taken the design into fancy computer renderings and precision manufacturing with black anodized aluminum and other good stuff. So if you're interested in getting some really professional looking gear, on the super dirt cheap, check out more information at SpiderTraxDolly.com

If you've got some really good skills, there are many DIY versions of the P+S Technik 3 wheeled Mini Skater. Here's a super awesome example of a DIY Skater Dolly based on the P+S Tehnik design master hand crafted by kasokeys (video below).