DIY SpiderTrax Video Dolly on DIY Rails


Jarrod over at Just Basl Productions introduced his version of the DIY Spidertrax dolly not long ago, and already he's following up with another DIY tip. Using the same Strut channels as the Popular Cheesycam DIY DSLR Cage / Fig Rig, he's designed his DIY version SpiderTrax Dolly wheels to roll along the rail. He does a good informative video explaining how he put it all together. Not sure if he mentioned the price, but a single 10' strut channel might run you about $15.00 dollars. Cutting the strut in half would suffice for the length of track you'll need. Check out the DIY Spidertrax dolly on Rails video here. Thanks Jarrod, another fine cost saving DIY on a tool that's versatile, looks professional, and best of all dirt cheap.

Below: Original SpiderTrax Rotating Video Dolly
The Original SpiderTrax Dolly can be found at

8 thoughts on “DIY SpiderTrax Video Dolly on DIY Rails

  1. Emm

    Post author

    Cheeseplate is a Video term I believe, not in a hardware store. The link to the actual plate used is in the DIY SpiderTrax article.

  2. Jaymes

    this is awesome! i checked out the video on how to make one. did the guy say cheese plate? what do you call that steel platform with the holes? i went to home depot but the guy didn't know what i was talking about. i even showed him a picture of that but they don't have anything like it.

  3. @ Leo - That's what I was thinking about doing but the seam between the two pieces will never be perfect so you could possibly end up with a jitter in the middle of your shot. I guess it would depend on softness of the wheel which could absorb some of the jitter.

  4. Yeah, haha , but there's anyway you can make 1 meter long (or even less) each piece and then be easy to put as much as you can, i mean, to mount it with couple pieces you want ?

  5. Very very very cool. That's what i was looking for a long time . Emm, you gonna make a rail for the spidertrax? Because maybe sometimes people want to buy this thing already made, and don't wanna pay the hundres and hundreds dollars for it.

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